Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House of Rep: REPEAL Obama killing of preborn plan now

Open Letter to the US House of Representatives:
Repeal all parts, the entire bill that is euphemistically lableded "ObamaCare" as it is certain there is no care in it for the preborn,the elderly,the handicapped,the terminally ill. It is a reform of the financing of any health care and it is thousands of pages that were blatant attempts to rewrite the Constitution. Let me point out to you the most obvious evils of "ObamaCare":
1) it redefines adults up to the age of 26 as 'children " for insurance purposes but defines children as young as six as 'adults' for purposes of receiving mandatory s-e-x how-to training in schools, and 18 yr olds as 'adults' for war and killing but 'mentally ill" when shooting to death someone.
2) It usurps the true rights as defined by the legitimate Constitution and Bill of Rights incuding the right to life and liberty and the right to control one's income by trying to hijack all the incomes of any person on US soil except those here illegally. The illegals get a huge break in the ObamaCare socialist plan as they will get all privileges of citizenship without having to pay taxes. Sort of like Haiti, Dominican Republic get also [as unauthorized 'territories" of US}. it is an attempt to force Americans to buy products they do not want i.e. government intrusion into their lives [when sick or injured] and well-being of their households financially to recapitalize bankrupt insurance companies which are false gods.
3) It creates a channel for funnelling money to abortionists --money that was siphoned out of Medicare fund and replaced with IOU's. Thus funding abortions when every American not on the payroll of Planned Parenthood or getting kickbacks from the killing machinery of Planned Parenthood, opposes funding of abortion wioth taxpayer's money.
4) It redirects/shuffles/manipulates those who paid into the Social Security fund for decades by making them pay way more for health care than before ObamaCare fake health reform bill became law or proposed law. Citizens on Medicare or Medicare disability pay huge "co-payments' in the neighborhood of $180 dollars at times to see a medical doctor.
5) It gives the US government,those in Congress direct methods of intervening in how,when,if ,and what health care treatments any person gets, and it is totally political. If you doubt that, then ask yourself why CONGRESSWOMAN Giffords got life-saving treatment but child who was shot got her organs yanked out to give to someone else on advice of medical doctors in Tucson no doubt who considered a grown CONGRESSWOMAN as 'important' but a child of nine 'not important' to save. "ObamaCare" was working as in tended to eliminate children help political allies of Obama.
REPEAL it now,today-- save the nation from socialism and death-by-health-care-teams.
Gloria Poole,RN; 5:49am;18?jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri
Update with this news. Is this another political assassination of someone who knew a lot about the Obama White House ?? Was the dog trainer murdered the same way Ambassador Holbrook and Obama's grandmother were? [Poisoned??]

Another Obama-connection-death in news
7:21 AM 1/18/2011