Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks Senator Linda Gray for courage & speaking truth

Thanks to Senator Linda Grey for her correct analysis of what happened in Tucson and how to prevent those events in the future:
"Training of people to respect human life.  It is ironic that today, today is the day 38 years ago that the Supreme Court said we do not have to respect the life of an unborn [child].  And we have gone through now more then a generation of people, a large number of people who believe that it is fine to take an infant prior to it being born and to kill it.  What type of respect is that for human life?  So now we have this generation of people who have that idea, and it continues on that, why respect life if we can kill an infant who can't defend themselves?  It goes back to the value in the creation of life and the respect for that life, and if you're not trained and have that type of character in realizing that all human life deserves respect.  This is what out country has come to," said Senator Gray.
Senator Linda Gray of Arizona spoke these words, and I am grateful she has the courage to speak the truth. In CNN article today 28th-Jan-2011. There should be lots more like Senator Gray in the US to help turn around the culture of death that is in America a culture of life.
My public thank you for these words and for CNN publishing them.
Gloria Poole;6:47pm;28/Jan/2011;@my apt in Missouri
PS a word of caution: don't download anything today if you oppose abortionists. They are using the crisis in Egypt to try to trick Americans into downloading Arabic language so then they could 'black-out' from the internet any prolifers. I almost unwittingly downloaded ARABIC file from adobe ! I do not speak,read, or write Arabic and live in MISSOURI which is English speaking. Warning--US government treacherous in trying to censor prolifers.