Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't believe CNN article w/ Guttmacher propaganda

I read an article this morning in CNN news that is trying to subtly pump up abortion. Remember that Guttmacher 'research' is a euphemism for a propaganda campaign supported with taxapyers' dollars via the Defense Dept budget, the public schools in America,the SIECUS circle of abortionists and their PAC's and law firms that exist for no reason but to create fake rights to kill innocents. When is AMERICA going to get enough of killing ? Will it be when GOD raises up a nation to totally destroy Congress and every abortionist in America, and every legislator that enables abortion ? Abortion is NOT health care. The fact that Guttmacher and the paid op-ed piece written by someone on the payroll of Planned Parenthood the KKK of the 21st century had photo of woman sitting on hospital stretcher does not make it health care.
It is morally equivalent to the gunning down of Congresswoman Gibbons and federal Judge Roll of Arizona,and 9 yr old Christina Green. don't be lying hypocrites. If that event this past Saturday in Tucson upset you, then where is your moral indignation and outrage over the MILLION and a half MILLION more human babies 'gunned down' by abortionists?

And CNN SHAME ON YOU! You know you are located in the Bible belt of America where abortion is NOT viewed as some sacred rite of child sacrifice as so often touted by the liberals in Congress, including Congresswoman Gibbons? Read the real Constitution and not the version pumped into the schools in the south written by killing organization Planned [un]parenthood,e or the version written by their satanic law firms or PAC's = Centre for Reproductive killing in NYC and London, Read the true laws of this nation including the Declaration of Independence and see that the 'right to life,liberty .." are the founding principles .
Guttmacher is the equivalent of Nazi era Goebbels propanganda machinery of the "Nazi medicine" of Planned Parenthood killing fields that brainwashes across America to funnel innocents into killing centers for their blood,body parts, cells, tissues for $$$$$$$$ from fake research labs [really from the federal government's NIH].
There will come a time in America when there is no acknowledgment of the [false] right to kill innocents, when the bloodshed turns everyone's stomach and when the abortionists and their legal protectors are all dead. I know that because the Old Testament when talking about the city of Tophet where the people would not repent of killing and rejected GOD, and GOD sent a prophet to tell them that since they rejected GOD's words and continued killing, HE would cause blood to run in the streets and kill those who killed innocents. The Bible says the blood of innocents cries out to GOD. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7 and HE said 'thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13 as written. CNN--you cannot defy GOD and teach killing as a so-called right and get away with it. GOD is not mocked.
Gloria Poole, @home in Missouri; 8:41am,11/Jan02011