Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wooden bridge sketch & abstract sketch made today by Gloria Poole,RN, artist of / in Missouri since oct 2009

I think anyone who has viewed art I made through the years knows that I like the theme of bridges especially walkover bridges. But there are some totally fascinating bridges that people drive over. Covered wooden bridges in rural areas are some of those. Also, the ultra-modern, art-almost, suspension bridges, and the rope suspension bridges that you walk over. I first became mesmerized almost by bridges when I was little girl and with my family we drove over the Sidney Lanier bridge from the mainland coast of Georgia to the islands off coast. It was impressive, overwhelmingly so when I was little as its frame rose up into the sky and I could see it from the windows of the car. Then again when as an adult I drove my own car over that bridge that goes for about 29 miles in Louisiana. And I like that bridge in eastern Missouri that lights up blue at night. And the bridges in London that I saw when I visited there, and the bridges of NY from mainland to Manhatten, and or Long Island. Bridges are wonderful subjects. In some ways I try to build bridges to those in the world who do not know JESUS personally as their Saviour and redeemer, and I try to build bridges of friendship as a U S citizen to other countries, to extend a friendly attitude that 'we, the people of the United States" are not automatically the enemies of "foreigners". Both of these sketches are 8 x 11 on inkjet paper with inktense and markers. I use those fast sort of mediums [and pencils, ink] when I am doodling or distracted instead of brushes which takes more time to clean [wash brushes etc]. Also, scroll down to see the second sketch which is an abstract in red and green. I love those two colors together Maybe it's because I grew up on farm and had vine ripened tomatoes every year, and still love them, and they are that combination. Or maybe because its the colors of the Christmas celebration?

This red and green abstract sketch that I made with inktense then washed with water, and then added some touches with markers, has no particular meaning. I was just restless, too distracted to focus on my oil painting so it is more of a doodle. But it reminds me a bit of poinsettias which are available at Christmas. I learned the gospel in a Southern Baptist, tiny, missionary-oriented church in South Georgia. Every year they took up various collections that specifically raised money for missions. One of those was the Lottie Moon Christmas offering to send missionaries to China, and one was the "Christmas in August" which collected money to send abroad to missionaries at Christmas and it also sent what I call TLC packages at Christmas to missionaries in foreign countries at Christmas so they had gifts from home. I participated in those events [contributing, helping raise awareness, talking on podium] from the age of seven. So, I realized maybe the abstract is a reminder to myself to start thinking along the lines of finding ways to support missions again. IF you do not know JESUS as your saviour, you can read more about him on this blog of mine: Also, remember that in my career, I was and still am a Registered Nurse, licensed in Missouri but before I was licensed as R.N. in Missouri, I was licensed in Colorado, Nebraska, Virginia, and for most of my working career in my native state of Georgia. Also, remember that I paint, sketch, draw now and I blog on several topics. And I tweet too on several accounts and the are categorized also.

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Since I am a #prolife #Christian who takes seriously the commandment in Matthew 28: 18-20, KJV, I make an effort regularly to publish the gospel in some way, to promote the prolife cause and to be a good representative of Christianity. Being a good Christian does not mean turning a blind eye to sin, however, as some fake christians believe. It is not loving to stand by idly while people go to hell.

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