Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 sketches of Edie Brickell made by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of / in Missouri on 6 June 2015

This is sketch number 5 that I drew in ink yesterday while looking at singer Edie Brickell on youtube. I painted this sketch with powdered pastels. I made a series of sketches of her to see if I could "capture" her image and personality in art form. I did this because of her song with Steve Martin accompanying on banjo of "Remember me this way" to a painter to paint her portrait. And also because of their song "Love has come to you" that is really a great #prolife song. Since I advocate for the right to life, I wanted a way to thank them for that song. So the inspiration is from the other song, "painter paint my portrait" and I am making efforts to do that for both singer Edie Brickell and also for Steve Martin. I can only focus on one subject at time and started with singer Edie because of the words of the song. These sketches are preliminary sketches intended to help me define how I want an oil painting to look. I realize in the song "remember me this way", she asked for "horses and house in the background and children all around". I have to think on that some to think on composition of it. But here are the five sketches I made yesterday and early this morning 6th June 2015. I drew this in ink first then I painted with acrylics and is 8 x 11 on paper. I put these out-of-sequence because I wanted to put the two sketches that I think most "captures" her first. I signed it, photographed it, uploaded it and put it on this blog of mine as is true of all of these sketches and indeed all art on this blog of mine . Also if you scroll to the sketch labeled as sketch 1 you will see that I wrote notes to myself in the margin so when I painted it I had way to jog memory of how she appears in video. I used five different combinations of mediums in these sketches which often helps me decide how it will look in oils.

This is sketch 2 I drew in ink then painted it with acrylics. I put various background and "clothing" experimenting with what looks best to be "the brightest clothes in town " which I think is words of their song. It is also 8 x 11 on paper.

This is sketch 3 that I drew first in ink of Edie Brickell from watching her perform on video. I painted it with watercolor. It is also 8 x 11 on paper.

This is sketch 4 I drew in ink and painted of Edie Brickell and I painted this one with chalk pencils, which is a medium I have used only twice in my life! So, it was an experiment for certain. It is also 8 x 11 on paper.

This is sketch 1 that I drew quickly yesterday in ink of singer Edie Brickell. I realized it was not a good likeness so tried four more times. I put this one last in the series because I wanted people to see it in proper perspective since it was to do-over. It is 8 x 11 on paper in polychrome and pencils. I drew all of these while their video was on my computer screen and I drew by stopping the frame to see it as a still. A do-over sketch is to an artist what a practice session in recording studio is to a singer. And a sketch is to a finished painting as a practice session is to a concert or recording onto permanent media is to a singer or band.

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