Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baseball and abstract sketches made by Ms Gloria Poole, RN, artist of / in Missouri on 31 May 2015 :Update

This is one of three #art #sketches I made yesterday and this one is a baseball catcher. I selected those team colors and that name for a specific reason, but it is not a "PRO" team obviously but a team that plays on a dirt field in a grassy place. It is mixed media of inktense, acrylic, watercolor, markers, and tempra. For some reason, I had to re-do this sketch several times.As always, I signed this when I finished it, photographed it, uploaded it, as is true of EVERY piece of art on this blog and every photograph on this blog was photographed by me with a variety of cameras over the years.

This is an #abstract sketch of a wave of the ocean. It is inktense, tempra, markers on 11 x 14 paper in my sketch book. That sketch book that I bought in early May had 100 blank pages in it but I have filled up sketches on 80 of the pages so far. I have sketches scenes of water often, and also painted a large oil painting with ocean water and posted them to my blogs but I think this is probably the only ABSTRACT sketch of ocean water that I have ever made.

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