Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sketch 2 of Comedian banjo player Steve Martin made by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of / in Missouri on 9th June 2015; Update

This is the second sketch I drew and painted from memory last evening. I have seen Steve Martin on TV several times so decided to try to draw him from my memory. In this sketch, I corrected his hair so it looks more like hair. In this first sketch on previous post, I had drawn it quickly with ink pen. I drew this sketch with watercolor pencils. Also, I think I made his smile too wide in this sketch. I will look at more photos of him and do more sketches. Also, I have firmed up in my mind quite a bit how I want to paint the oil painting about that song, "painter paint my portrait" that is titled "Remember me this way, in whch Steve Martin plays the banjo and Edie Brickell sings the words. You can listen to the #prolife song they sing titled "Love has come for you" and also "painter paint my portrait " on these youtubes:

Paint Edie Brickell who sings "remember me this way" with words "painter paint my portrait :

A great prolife song, "Love has come for you" :

This is sketch I made on Tues evening 9th of June of this week as a PRELIMINARY sketch of idea for the oil painting to paint as described in the song" Remember me this way". I may not paint the oil painting at all like this. A sketch is refining an idea or trying to grasp it in mind, or toying with ways to make it or details. It is not a final work of art. This is 8 x 11 on paper in watercolor, inktense and acrylic. I have more sketches to do but have begun painting in the background with oils on canvas as described in the song' painter paint more portrait" which is titled "Remember me this way." This sketch has a cartoon quality and in fact, sketches are called cartoons in art history, according to the art history I studied to be a docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Ga years ago. I am wanting to flesh-out the people when I paint it into oils. I am not certain of the images of the spouses of Edie Brickell [Paul Simon] and Steve Martin's wife [whom I saw in photos on web]. So, I realize the may not look anything like this. I have to research more and make more sketches. But world can see this sketch. Also, I saw news photos of the Brickell children and since they were teens, I inlcuded them in the dining room chairs, and a baby vaguely on Mrs Martin's lap. this is only a start to an oil painting.

Also, if I have to state the obvious the tile Ms is a title used for a woman who is single again; was married but now divorced. Whether or not I put that title in anything does not change my status. I am not married since Oct 2007 when 2nd divorce occurred in Arapahoe County Colorado & that is recorded on state archives for Colorado. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. I am repeating this because yesterday in TWO accounts of mine that I began and have had for long time [one of them almost 20 years] I had to login FOUR times from different browsers, and change security settings to get control of my inboxes again. In the url address of those two problems that consumed hours of my time yesterday trying to regain control of, was showing "Den" in the url address so I knew somebody somewhere had tried to hijack those accounts AGAIN. I do NOT have family or friends in Colorado. I do not consider my 2nd exhusband with initials DBP,who tried to kill me four times to be a 'friend". He is my worst enemy on this earth, and he should be in federal prison for many reasons.The two web-identified imposters who try to steal my blog/photos/ art work and name are named "mbah gulung " and "Antwon" and I have notified the @FBI about them before; and they seem to be using Facebook and other platforms to screen capture my blogs and add to their blogs. This blog and all blogs I own and create including Tapestry of LIFE is copyrighted and I own the copyright to it/them. I do not personally know either "mbah gulung" or "Antwon" and do not plan too. I consider them to be enemies since they tried to steal my identity.

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