Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vote out of office all elected officials who vote against innocent human life in womb.

This is blurred because I enlarged it from the size of a postage stamp. It is the scripture from Jeremiah 1:5 in KJV, and it is a slogan of the #prolife cause.

I am reminding world that one of my major goals in life is to help get Constitutional protection for those humans in the womb. Along that line of thought, it is imperative that we the people of the United States vote out of office all those who vote against human life in the womb. This post is about saving the baby humans from premeditated destruction. Thanks to the American Center for Law and Justice who tweeted this info to me, I updated https://news-for-life.blogspot.com with the list of those U S Representatives who voted against the ban on abortion after 20 weeks. I urge you to read the list of those prodeath Representatives and actively work to get them removed from office at next election. We have to #voteprolife and get a #prolife #personhood promoter President next federal election.

Also, I am still making progress on the goal of painting an oil painting to illustrate the song "Remember me this way" as a reward for the #prolife song, "Love has come for you" sung by Edie Brickell and banjo played by comedian Steve Martin. I will post that when I complete it.

Also, I posted #art #sketches of horse and rider, Queen Elizabeth II my version such as it is, and a pretend man in top hat that I made last evening and early today on my:

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The enemies of GOD who are also the enemies of the human race, have attacked two different cell phones of mine yesterday and my ipod, and this account [they inserted malware to dump all prolife news into trash--no doubt the doings of illegal spynet of old Hillary who knows she will never win and who is trying already to prevent the posting of any news anywhere that tells the truth about her killing scheme to kill the future generations of Americans-in-womb. But GOD IS THE GREAT I AM and HE is not influenced by what those who kill do. I am leaving this post on top for a while yet simply because it so infuriated the devil who is the founder of all killing schemes, that there was an assault on any device of mine that I ever bought anywhere in their effort to censor me. But the devil has not won, and I have not quit.

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