Monday, July 22, 2013

My Idea of "Red Hat" for Conference; Welcome Baby Prince!

Everyone has heard of "Red hat" [as in software and computers and technology]. This is my idea of "Red Hat". This is a first sketch of "Red Hat" and it needs some improvement. I might repaint it on canvas. It's 14 x 17 acrylics on paper, on my drawing table with acrylic paints, brushes, pencils, inks all around. Sometimes I leave the background on purpose at times because I have had much trouble holding onto MY NAME and art I create. I got the idea after I saw an ad in a magazine [that looked much better as a photo than this sketch does] and I thought of the DefCon annual conference is this week [or last week?] . And so I adapted the idea to a simpler form, omitting much that was in the photo to focus on the hat and the red lips to make world notice it's a woman wearing that red hat, because I want the tech industry to make room for women. A WOMAN engineer is rare. I think that is partly because technology is very sexist still. I think they en classe think that women are not smart enough to be engineers or to run a technology business or to reformat a harddrive and or do many of the tasks associated with maintaining computers. I think we women [females; half of the human race homo sapiens] collectively speaking are smart enough. I hope you enjoy this sketch. The person does not look much like the magazine--I altered it to be more as I thought an engineer who happens to be a woman would look [not as the glamour magazine ad showed it]. So, I hope this makes my point:

Here are my brushes and solvents [jars] that are in my studio such as it is. I have two areas of my apt that I paint in; with two different sets of supplies since oils and acrylics are very different mediums.

I am adding these to this blog because I intend to get control of my name and all that involves. My real name is Gloria Poole; and I am a Registered Nurse [sadly, not an engineer or architect but I think I was better suited for one of those]; and an artist who is a work-in-progress --ever learning, ever trying to get good at this art making.

Copyright; I own all rights to the art I create and the words I write. Gloria; Missouri at my apt . 22-July-2013; at 7: 18pm; Gloria Poole; aka Gloria; gloriapoole; gpoole817; gloria0817; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria_poole; gloriapooleRN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; and other variations of my real born with name and sometimes with letters added as in gloriapoole1749, and other letter-number combos. Also, fyi, since my identity is still questioned by some on line companies: I am a white, Christian, single [divorced twice] woman; professional nurse; work-in-progress artist; writer, blogger, photographer, occasional computer tinkerer [of my own equipment when I have too]; mother; grandmother of minor children; voracious reader, republican; prolifer. Guess that sums me up, except to say that I don't work in nursing except to use the knowledge on line to teach the world on the prolife issues. See the blogs I create/write on that subject including;; and blogs that have my name in them that I add art I create too occasionally for example : See the about me page and also my profile pages on Google; Yahoo; Microsoft;wordpress; tumblr.

Update on 23-July-2013 at 10:49am in Missouri at my apt: I forgot to add my "Welcome to the world" to baby Prince of Cambridge born to UK's Prince William and his wife Catherine [official titles Duke & Duchess of Cambridge]. So, I am updating this post to write that, and to congratulate his mum and dad, and his "grands" and his great-grands and the UK also. I did tweet about those events yesterday in real time so if you follow my tweets you read my comments there. But because it is history in the making, I wanted to observe it on this blog which is probably the blog I write/post too the most. My blogs I write/ create were all created by me with my personal credentials, so they are mine still after many chaotic [because of trauma and events of my life] years. Also, along the lines of celebrating babies, last week-end I drew/painted a sketch in powdered pastels [but wrote on that blog it was acrylics--realized it later] and yesterday I added it to another blog of mine at I think that sketch does not look like a newborn. Newborns usually have chipmunk cheeks because of the born-with fat pads in their cheeks that enable sucking to get milk. So it's a redo but it makes a point also, which is that life is good--have living babies. Don't ever abort the gift of human life.

Also, my profile page that I updated today for this blog is: and or Gloria Poole, RN and artist aka gloriapoole on web at my apt in Missouri; contact me via gmail, microsoft email, yahoo email or by telephone as listed in telco directory or on some of my blogs.