Monday, July 1, 2013

Is the FCC also the lapdog of Obama?

I read in the news this morning that The Tribune is buying 19 TV stations. IF The Tribune was owned by Republicans,or prolifers,and / or Christians and not headquartered in Chicago, the Federal Communications {FCC} would be yelling from here to Europe about monopoly on broadcasting, and interference with competition, and taking over a market [TV broadcasting]. They would be filing legal process to block the sale. Where's the FCC now? Is it merely the rubber-stamp office for communications of the Obama regime? It sorta looks that way.

Change of topic but maybe not. This morning I had to unplug from wall jack, my landline telephone for few minutes to undo the attempt by hackers from the NSA from breaking into my telephone line [because I tweeted on those issues]. There's one thing the NSA spies/cyber-hackers are good at: persistence. They never give up trying to censor my words, block my isp that I pay for, or interrupt/prevent/intercept my telephone calls. And I think AT&T is their avenue of choice. AT&T is the spy network of NSA. I think the feds use the AT & T entire network to spy on people around the world; and AT & T rakes in the $$$ from fed govt with tractor-trailers, not rakes. That is why they are totally immune to any thing their customers want or that is in their customer's best interest. AT & T is not my isp acct but they don't let that stop them. They are the gov'ts "central cat". Remember that video on TED of the talk/presentation from the man from China talking about the censorship in China which is communist? He called the Chinese censorship "central cat" waiting to pounce on the "little people" who are docile and scared as mice. Sadly, the U S has a "central cat" the size of an elephant; that the entire world is furious about. So, this blog post is a political protest, which I do exercising my First Amendment liberties as a U S citizen, who has attributes of journalism for these reasons: 1) I wrote for two different newspapers as a photo-journalist "stringer" [free-lancer] in Georgia. 2) I published content online for years, with words that WORK and Life Media & Publishing. 3) I am a known photographer [though not considered professional --or paid journalist or paid photographer*] who is good enough that I had repository sites of my photos including art I created then photographed on the web for years and was listed on Google search because of it;and that hackers broke into my computer to steal 2 gigabytes of my photos in year 2008. 4) I am a known writer since about year 1993 and had a poem published {"Little Lydia"] and write on blogs for seven years. To set the record straight, I have First Amendment liberties even if none of that were true about me because those First Amendment liberties belong to ALL U.S. citizens by authority of the U S Constitution and the "Bill of Rights".

Change of topic again: I painted on my painting this past week-end and it's taking shape. I think I will like it. I also drew an abstract sketch that I haven't quite decided if I want to post on web. I am not sure it's finished for one reason, but also, I don't do abstract well. I don't generally like the chaotic appearance of abstract art, but I painted an abstract in late 1990s that got my photo in the newspaper as I walked in a protest for human life holding it as a banner in Atlanta. I have sketched on other abstract for my little now 2 yr old grandson, but he was about a yr old when I sketched that one and it's not on web. So all told, over 25 yrs span of painting as artist, I have sketched abstract art only 3 times. I will add more art to this blog of mine in a few days probably. I have company coming for July 4th celebration so will be poolside for few days maybe with mobiles; maybe not. They are not my tether! And I do not work for anyone anywhere. I work for myself as artist, writer, blogger. I am not an ngo and never was. I do not have not-for-profit status and never did, because of the restrictions on the First Amendment of that "IRS election " [to be persecuted and controlled by feds].

I have to write this repeatedly because of the 24/7/365 surveillance of prolifers who believe that killing of innocents is a grievous sin against GOD. {The "establishment"= regime of Obama has written a killing plan that will outdo Hitler by hundreds of millions of killed people.} I am a white, single, [divorced twice--most recently from DBP of Denver, Colorado] , woman, heterosexual only, Christian, Republican, prolifer, artist, Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri, mother of two daughters, grandmother of seven minor children, and writer, blogger, prolife antagonist to the fed killing plan. Just so you know what would be labeled my "bias" by perverts, and atheists, and evil people.

*footnote: I always worked for myself since about 1993 to build up a publishing company online. It was destroyed by sabotage of my then-husband in yrs 2003-2007 and even in yr 2010 that was 2 1/2 yrs after divorce from him. He used deceit, stolen documents from me, and fraud of going to different branches of my accounts with his girl friend, [ when I lived in Denver,] to fool the tellers to get my info by using my U S mail he stole. I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009 after 2nd divorce from him in Oct 2007, but he owes me millions for injuries he caused to me while he had a restraining order against him [in July 2006 in Aurora, Colorado but restraining order against him was issued at Littleton CO].

Gloria Poole aka gloriapoole; gpoole817; gloria0817; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole1749, gloria.poole; gloria_poole; Gloria in script on my paintings; gloria-poole, and other slight variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole [but I am deliberately omitting my middle name because web doesn't need to know every detail of my life!} But 9 times of ten, I include my name in my email addresses, fyi. I have a few that are intended to not reveal who I am because every time I log in to my computer, I am tracked, stalked, hacked and my art I create is uploaded to some "cloud" somewhere without my permission. So I am gradually thinking through how to get a secure system and secure telephones and mobiles. Written at my apt in Missouri; 1-July -2013 at 10:28 am. Also, fyi, regardless of criminals may tell you, I am not moving from Missouri any time soon, or from my apt. Felons in Colorado do not speak for me and never did. I do not and did not do business at any time with felon, violent, DBP [a male I know for certain as marriage was heterosexual though he was bisexual. However, I did not know he was bisexual before having married him. Now divorced from him for the record since Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado and it is in the public archives of state of Colorado. But I was born in the state of Georgia, and only lived in Colorado seven yrs that were as hell, but only married the second time for 4 yrs and 10 months so DBP did not get U S citizenship via me.Gloria Poole