Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some new paintings of Mine

You should see my photo of some of the paintings I painted this year above these words this entry. I am a work in progress, as the saying goes--trying to perfect a skill that I begun learning years ago, but that has suffered serious setbacks twice because of trauma to me. However, I keep on keeping on. I hope you the public like these. These are on the same front wall of mine that you see behind me in my blog photo,this blog but with different photos of mine of other paintings I painted before this year.

Also, you will see on my drawing table the acrylics I use for sketches. I paint on canvas almost always in oils, but I sketch on paper with acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche,tempera, pencils.

I have not added much of my created works to blogs this year precisely because my computer was hacked last year, and I am reluctant too. But I can't fear all the time! So let me know if you enjoy these by writing to me or calling me. Google phone numbers for me or call on my number listed on my blog at http://gloriapoole.xanga.com; or my landline telephone in Missouri.

Gloria Poole, @ my apt in Missouri; 11:22am;4-Dec- 2012; updated by me Gloria Poole / gloriapoole/ I own the Copyright on all photos, created works of art, words of mine,poems. Updated on 5-Dec -2012 at 7:49pm at my apt in Missouri to add a painting [my photo of] that I painted years ago, that will be familiar to some people. "The Old Savannah Trolley" in acrylics; painted from photo I took of an old abandoned trolley when I visited some of my cousins in Savannah GA;