Friday, November 23, 2012

Gloria Poole,RN & artist of Missouri owns/creates this blog

I am writing this in as plain English language as possible, but I know that many of the so-called 'customer service" that are employed by isp's do not speak English well and probably do not read it well either. But English is the ONLY language I speak/read/write. And this is my blog from the get-go. The former married name I had for years Dec 2002 to Oct 2007 does not exist any longer, legally anywhere. I removed the Pappas name from my name forever after 2nd divorce decree in Arapahoe county Colorado in Oct 2007 by decree of Judge that signed final decree there.

The is necessary because cyber-criminals and criminals of the usual sort are still breaking into accounts of mine, still applying for accounts using my SSN and still using my address and telephone numbers without ever having any authority to do so.

So, consider this is a legal notice: I am NOT the same person as [male] Dana Ben Pappas who has known aliases of: 1) Dana Pappas,2) Dana Papas,3) Dana B Pappas, 4) Dana Ben Pappas, 5) Dana Benn Papas,6) Ben Pappas,7) Ben Papas,8) Benny Papas, 9)Doris Parsons,10) Doris Pappas, 11)Dana Benn Pappas, and his known [during yrs 2003-2007[ to me user id on internets are or were : "healing-hands"; dbp_pp5; dbp_pp3; danabenpappas; danapappas. I am not now and NEVER was responsible for any of his debts. I am not now in any willing way in contact with him. IF he is breaking into my accts using my SSN or DOB he is STILL NOT AUTHORIZED on any account of mine.

I know for certain because the Arapahoe County office of District Attorney told me that they KNEW he used--broke into MY computer and emails in yr 2006 to impersonate me. I have testified to my experience as his wife and to the violence against me by him on several occasions in several courtrooms. I am divorced from him since Oct 2007 and that divorce is public record on the state of Colorado legal network of computers because I went in person to the Clerk of Court in Denver CO before moving from Colorado and asked them to verify that divorce is recorded. It was and they showed it to me on the screen and I have the paper documentation from the decree.

There is nothing perverse about me. I am entirely heterosexual and was led to believe by his actions before marriage vows in Denver CO [that were also recorded on state records], that he was also heterosexual only. I am a woman. I know for certain he is male with working parts. He and I both appeared in courts so there are many people including lawyers, Judges, clerks, and many at the Aurora Baptist Church in Aurora Colorado who know that I am not him and he is not me; including my 2 grown daughters who attended the blessing at the church in Denver of that 2nd lawful marriage that is now dissolved forevermore; and that was recorded in the Church's record books as a second ceremony after the civil ceremony privately but witnessed and that was recorded in the state of Colorado records in Dec 2002. Divorce was final Oct 2007. I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009.

I resumed my maiden name after 2nd divorce; but in reality I always signed it as my middle name even during those 2 failed marriages I had. I wrote my born with last name of Poole on all legal documents as my middle name in my legal signature when married. Then I dropped the surnames of my exhusbands x 2 after both divorces from 2 different men years apart.

I am not secretive; but I want to stay alive, and as much as possible thrive. I thought legal notices of the fact of divorce were posted by Courts. I was wrong. I am still trying to untangle myself from a man who has no concept of truth or integrity or honor.

I am continuing to paint as an artist as much as possible. I have huge blocks of downtime physically still secondary to events of July 2006 and June 2011, in which efforts were made to kill me. I am not one to be idle much so even when resting I tweet, read, sketch on portable sketch board, doodle on electronics. Some of the time, I can't do much of anything--headache is prohibitive to it; at times.

You can see some of the paintings, sketches I have created on this site of mine:

has dozens of my paintings, sketches, drawings; and a photo of me also [in red sweater from yr 2008]. This album which I created and put on Picasa was still on line 16-Nov-2012 , preserved by Google for me. God bless Google! There are also some of my sketches on my blogs at:

and on this blog if you scroll the archives, and maybe other blogs of mine. Some hosting companies have preserved my content I think trying to left things sort out. I have written my name at times as gloria0817 since 2003 when I first began blogging because at first I was anxious about putting my full name on the web. So it was sort of a pseudonym but not really since Gloria is also my born with first name.I usually write is as gloriapoole now however but I have continued as many of the blogs and websites, albums as I could [those not stolen from me via fraud].

Also, I have a different isp email which is not widely published which is supposed to protect it and also other emails with my name in them, written in several ways but usually with my real name in them or the names that were registered to me as business names either in state of Georgia or state of Colorado.

Also, for legal documentation you should see my blog at: .

Thanks . Gloria Poole, RN licensed in Missouri & artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, charcoals, goauche, tempera,pencils. At my apt in Missouri; Copyright Notice: I own all rights to my paintings, sketches, drawings, words, poems, songs I wrote, prose, lessons. I have never assigned the copyright to anyone and I have never hired or authorized an agent to use my name or market my created content. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole ; gloria0817; gloria-poole; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloria.poole ; gloria_poole;Gloria Poole,RN; Gloria Poole_Rn; Gloria Poole.RN; 23 Nov 2012; 9:07am; I logged back in to add the fact that the photo you see of a woman sitting in front of paintings I painted in my 'ethnic paintings' series that were on my front wall for 2 years, is ME =Gloria Poole in yr 2011. PPS I signed back again to add the fact that over nite last night that same criminal that I have written about in this post broke into one of my mobile accounts [using my name , and credentials he stole from me in yrs 2002-07] to drain it of money on it. IF there were any way to get rid of criminals from mobile phones it would be a huge blessing to all businesses, all banks and all honest people. I have added more funds to it. I am keeping all my numbers! The criminals try to impoverish me to prevent me from having the means to blog [which I do via my private computer I bought and my private isp accts which cost a lot]; but it has not worked so far. Also, for legal documentation, Dana Ben Pappas owes me a TON of money that he was ordered to pay to me by five Judges in Colorado including Arapahoe County, city of Denver /county of Denver and a federal Judge in courtroom E of Denver in Jan 2009. Also, if you legal beagles read this, read the court's transcripts. A whole lot of fancy lawyering went into skewing the summaries on some of those hearings.

Update on 26 _Nov-2012; at my apt in Missouri;by Gloria Poole/ gloriapoole : I am adding a brief update. This past week several events happened to me as a result of persons unauthorized on my accts at remote locations who broke into my telephone line, in an attempt to ruin my digital life. They did not succeed. GOD is bigger than the most powerful human and I prayed, and I got help from professionals who took time to get test equipment and make repairs. So, I am me being me and I am painting, and Christmas shopping but not online. So all believers please keep praying for me. Thanks. Gloria Poole/gloriapoole/gp