Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day alone again, naturally

I had my Christmas two days ago, with my daughter Leigh and her husband Matt and their two little kids [ages 2 weeks & 2 yrs].We ate and opened presents. It was great fun. I think I am very blessed when I see my lovely grandchildren that range in ages from 2weeks to 14 yrs. They are all really beautiful, blonde, adorable children.

Now, today, I talked on phone with my grandchildren in Nebraska [ages 4-14yrs] and their mommy [my oldest daughter & only other "child"] too. I ate fudge for breakfast as my Christmas treat. Yes. I did! I don't have a man in my life at the moment, so I can eat what I want, paint when I want. Looking on the bright side of being single is hard at times, but I reason GOD knows what HE is doing--a time for healing for me according to Ecclesiastes.

And I tweeted during nite last nite because criminals have tampered with my isp acct I had only for my 2 tablets, again, for the 3rd consecutive month. Verizon knows they were hacked--they're just trying to hide it from their customers. I have other isp accounts, thank goodness!

And I am probably going to draw sketches today. I do not have canvases at present--at least canvases not painted yet. So sketching & drawing will most likely be my day's activities.

I shipped my presents to Nebraska and they like them. I just couldn't face that trip up there because there was a blizzard in past week. I figure that fighting a blizzard is not how I want to spend my Christmas.

I think the best part of Christmas is finding the perfect gifts to make everyone in my immediate family, happy. And I got a very practical present for me--a hand crank generator of current since my apt has sort of sketchy electricity at times. I think the fed gov't tampers with the current since the City replaced the transformer twice already in 3 yrs' time, my thermostat works erratically. I think whoever broke into my desktop last yr, installed to their remote whatever an app to control, tamper with my electricity in my apt. There is such a thing--I don't trust it at all; and that is why. Criminals far away put it on their computers to try to either freeze me or roast me but I live here and turn OFF the furnace when it seems to be trying to fry me. I don't like that app. I am not certain that is what happened but reasonably sure because I saw that app flash momentarily on my desktop last year, then it vanished! Poof! Into thin air--grabbed by cybercriminals lurking at remote places.

I just realized the photo I wanted to add, I didn't upload yet. So might log off, log back in and add it. Then again, might not. I took many photos 2 days ago and have to get them from my camera to my harddrive then on some permanent archive method. Lots to do--I am a good photographer--not so good a computer geek, but I try, learn fast, read voraciously how to on tech newsletters and computer books. Plus I studied I.T. some at University of Georgia, while getting a business degree there, after having become R.N. first.

I wish you all a happy Christmas Day and a blessed new year. Keep in mind the blessings of GOD are not always material. Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 25-Dec-2012 @ 10:52am;

Oh yea, to godaddy.com: I am not doing business with you. You can quit emailing me. You sold my domains out from under me, committed fraud and tried to plunder my bank account. You're done as far as I am concerned.

I logged back in to add one of my paintings in oil I just finished. I think I will name it "Baby"; not sure yet--might rename it after I think on it some. It's in oils, on 20x 24 inch cnvas, I thnk--didn't go measure it. The cloudy film on it is the result of cybercriminals breaking into my isp dsl acct. My painting is not cloudy. I have discovered there is nothing the wicked won't do to try to stop the righteous.

I think this is a better photo of my painting I painted. This afternoon after I had written this post, criminals at remote locations who have access to the electrical grid for my city in Missouri amped up my current so high it blew out the 20th & 21st lightbulbs of this year, when I switched on the light in my home office/studio. Gloria Poole /gloriapoole. Copyright; I painted this painting in Missouri; it's oils and it is copyrighted.