Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Merry Christmas to All!

You should see above these words my photo of my sketch I completed yesterday and named "Blue Grass Hobby". I selected that name because of the very well known Kentucky Derby,run annually in what is known as the Blue Grass State [Kentucky]. This is the 5th sketch of a horse and rider I have done [but also I painted 1 painting of a horse with rider and named it "Thoroughbred . It's on the web somewhere if it wasn't stolen off my blog.] I began painting or trying to paint horses in Atlanta, GA in the late 1990's,but had painted a variety of subjects since the 80's. i have also painted some on the coast of Georgia and in Colorado, and now in Missouri, where I live since Oct 2009.

I am adding this here to share it with the world as sort of a Christmas gift to the world from me. I own the copyright to all works of art I create, all words/lessons I write, all poems I write, etc. I have never sold or assigned the copyright nor have I ever appointed any agent to represent me or my art, but me. I hesitate to include any sort of image at Christmas to avoid making idols but I think this could not be confused in any way with the meaning of Christmas. Gift giving, or sharing as I am doing here, is merely a way of celebrating the joy Christians* feel in their hearts when they realize that they have an eternal home in heaven because of JESUS.

Please remember that Christmas is about celebrating JESUS who came to the earth in the human form as all humans do; and was raised up to His unique Ministry of being The Lamb of GOD, to die once for the sins of people, and to replace the sacrificial lamb of Abraham's era on earth. JESUS was crucified and rose from the dead on the 3rd day, and ascended to heaven, where HE is alive forevermore. Read the entire Biblical account of JESUS in The New Testament of the King James Holy Bible; and especially the book of Luke.

Have a blessed celebration of JESUS The Messiah, Redeemer, Saviour. Also read Revelations to see that HE IS ALIVE in heaven.

Gloria Poole; R.N. and artist in all mediums ; @ my apt in Missouri; 12-Dec-2012 ; 3:17pm

*footnote: I am Christian, Southern Baptist since childhood.