Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Most recent Painting I painted in oils :"the Lawn"

Hopefully, you will see above this text, my photo of my most recent painting "entitled "the lawn", just completed; or sort of. I might in time add "people" [imaginary] to it but for now, it's done. And yes, I know the slates are not even--I wanted it to look as if a homeowner used "irregulars" [not the most expensive pieces] to build his or her patio foundation, and put the grout to accomodate the pieces they had, and not the pieces to accomodate the grout between them. And yes, I know the "vanishing point" is different for the patio 's slate foundation and the jute rug. I intended it to look as if the homeowner was so happy to have laid a patio floor successfully that he or she simply threw the rug into place without trying to line it up with the grout.
Also, I have to add that this painting has taken my MONTHS longer than any other painting I painted in my lifetime, because I started it in June, this year, and shortly afterward, a woman in my hometown, unknown to me [but wonder if my 2nd exhusband paid her to try to run over me] drove into me as I was walking in crosswalk, with her van; instantly fracturing my ribs, and I went flying backwards, struck my head on pavement, and have had several months of nearly incapacitating dizziness and headaches as a result. So I am sort of like the imaginary homeowner who threw the rug over the irregular patio--just glad it is done enough to put aside for a while. It sat on my large easel for weeks on end, and I wondered IF I would ever be able to complete it. After that event @ crosswalk, my balance was awful; I could not draw or paint a straight line, I knocked over almost everything [inks, solvents] etc while trying to pick them up, and the first sketch I did afterwards was so dismal I thought my "career" as artist was over. So this painting represents real progress for me, and thank GOD for that.
Also, I signed it because in the past 20 years of my painting as artist in oils, there were two other times that I set aside a painting to think on it,let the paint dry some before adding to it, and didn't sign it, and the 2 paintings vanished--were stolen. So now, I sign whatever I consider even "probably finished-not sure" works I create.
Also, this is not the "professional" photo of it, but one I took with my cell phone [or one of them--I have several for several reasons]; and I had to rephotograph it three times because the first time it was fractured i.e. split into six components and scrambled all around to look to look like a puzzle by whom??? Cell phone carrier?? ISP??? Google???
Anyway, as always I own the copyright and all rights to all of my paintings, photos, images, sketches, drawings in any form , format,technique, medium of art, style [css, blog, website,album,folder,single image], digitally or hardcopy; whether photographed with my cell phones and or my digital cameras [two so far]; and whether photographed by me or someone who did so without authority. I have never sold the copyright to my paintings, sketches or drawings in pen/inks, pencils, watercolor, etc. I know that several paintings and possibly some sketches were stolen from me by people breaking into places I had them.
It is for me sort of like the imaginary homeowner must have felt after many hours trying to accomplish a reasonably acceptable something from nothing.
Gloria Poole; @my apt and only residence in Missouri; 18-Dec-2011;9:43am
PS Also, I realize after adding it here it looks somewhat lop-sided! I am not sure if that is because I am somewhat lop-sided when standing from injuries I endured in July 2006, and is simply the photo angle or it is truly painted lop-sided. At any rate, it is what it is; for the time being. I repainted that forward facing chair about 6-7 times to try to make the perspective right so it would look as if someone could walk in and sit it in. And for the record it is 60 inches wide and 48 inches tall; and in oils.And in places it looks like I applied paint with a trowel! Do you have any idea how hard it is to cover lipstick red oil paint after it dries?
P.S again: I have to remind world that I also PHOTOGRAPH extensively and there's a difference in my photographs that are merely photographs and my photographs that are of created paintings, sketches, drawings that I drew/sketched/painted, etc. I think my repository site with many of my genre photographs [merely,only] is up still at, if you are interested. Also, my picasa album [or one of the 2 I have/created on Picasa is at: and I added some new photos to it today. And this Picasa album is also of my created works I painted/sketched/drew:

I have to write this for the isp censors I suppose who since I bought a new cell phone and a new digital camera [while keeping the "old" ones] have tried to prevent me from using them for my own photos and my own blogs. I have photographed probably 10,000 or more times scenes in nature, the Rocky Mountains when I lived in zip code 80203 [from spring 2007-Oct-2009] and flowers, trees, sunsets, stormy skies, architecture,pastures, landscapes, cows; and occasionally people but generally speaking the only people I photograph are my own 2 daughters and their families. I did at one time photograph some for a newspaper and would again if I could. I hate to admit that the injuries caused so much damage to me but it is true.
Also for the record, I know/am aware that MANY of the domains with my very name on them, that I ordered, bought , paid for, and created the sites of, were stolen from me by cybercriminals. I realized long ago that the web is a 'dog eat dog' sort of environment with little governance; and that honest people seem to be at disadvantage on it. I have considered "taking my life-works private" by totally quitting the 'net forever; in an effort to get control of my name and created works. I like being generous with my works I create, and like having a way to share them for people to view. But it does upset me greatly when cybercriminals STEAL the images of them, and the accompanying domains I had them on, with the help of unscrupulous hosting companies selling my domains out from under me, while they were paid up and current. Now, of course, since Obama and his political censors have attacked my computers relentlessly since his second campaign started and blocked my online payments through Paypal [while allowing unauthorized persons to try to apply my funds to their causes], I have realized there is no safe way to buy anything on the web with any guarantee of certainty. Political speech is attacked by the democrats often--I am proof of that.
Update at 1:14pm: criminals probably the Obama voodoo crew are still breaking into my gmail acct ; probably thinking they are hindering my ability to oppose Obama. Just so you know. To FBI in Kansas City: could you, would you get rid of criminals breaking into my acct from remote????
Update at 1:42pm with info to help solve problem of criminals breaking into my google acct, to add this : [but with opening and ending < > removed to prevent it from displaying] :" iframe id="js" name="j355956409" src="/_/apps-static/_/js/home/b,prc/rt=h/ver=hGX7Z_k_U98.en_US./sv=1/am=!DNU-MnzupY2KPT9bc4rrHgrAhYCIHF8yvex_GDLkufU/d=1/" class="c-jb-yh" tabindex="-1">

Update on 19-Decc-2011 with the url address that tries to intercept/connect too/ spy on my google acct: Do you notice the 'doj" and the "att" in that? I am not connecting to internet with AT & T! And the Dept of Justice has no legal authority to spy on me since I am a law-abiding U S citizen. IF they would turn their attention to the state of Colorado where known dru-g dealers-addicts violent felons have a 'safe harbor" they would actually be earning their taxpayer salaries; but instead they harass/spy on, break into computers of those who write words against Obama.