Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's no right way to do the wrong thing

I am quoting a former President and I think it was Abe Lincoln who said that there's no right way to do the wrong thing. I am leading into my argument against Levonorgestrel which is generic name w trade name of "plan B". I had to think on this some as at first it appeared Dept HHS Secretary Sebelius had done something good by restricting by executive order the killer drug Levonorgestrel which is a synthetic hormone , which alters chemically the lining of the uterus to prevent the fertilized human embryo from nesting there to grow and get nourishment. She limited it to age 17 to be able to walk into any pharmacy and buy it over the counter like coffee,or any product any Pharmacist in US or "chemist' as known in Europe would sell in retail business.
I have written on this topic on one of my twitter accts this evening also, so you could read it there.
I want to expand on the subject some so there is no misunderstanding about it. Hormones are substances normally produced within a human's body to act as "triggers' to certain events. They are powerful. If you don't think so, ask yourself why CONGRESS often subpoenas athletes & drug makers to testify about how they affected their muscle mass and systems of human body. And ask yourself why they are absolutely prohibited in Olympics, college football, pro football, all professional sports and competitions. The answer is because they so alter the body that the performance of those enhanced with steroids [hormones ] that those not so enhanced cannot compete. Now keep that thought in your mind...
Obama is crowing about his & Dept of Health Human Services' Secretary Sebelius deciding to restrict similar hormones to prescription only for girls under 16. On the face of it, of course you think, that's smart. But when you really think on it, you see it is a trick --a legal manuevering to LOWER the age of need for a prescription for killer hormones from what was 17 for girls to 16 with new order of Sec Sebelius. Now ask yourself: if hormones are bad for boys and or grown men, why are they good for young girls? Especially hormones that tamper with/alter the uterus with unpredictable future results? Why is the prolife movement across nation falling for this trick of Obama--the worst President in history as far as civil liberties for all, is concerned? Humans in womb must have civil liberties including the right to life, also. It is way past time for this nation to get that accomplished.
Drugs that kill are not good for any age. That Levonorgestrel is intended to cause a chemical abortion. It is a hormone with all risks associated with using hormones in the wrong way. And it is a synthetic chemical, not even naturally produced, so what is it made from?? Why is the same nation that freaks out over the thought of fish contaminated with oil, so eagerly willing to accept chemicals that alter a girl's or woman's reproductive tract? And that has HUGE risks of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, death?? Explain it to me, because I am a Registered Nurse, with current license in Missouri; and I cannot comprehend how any GOOD parent would consent to giving minors such hormones. I cannot comprehend how any intelligent being on this planet would be persuaded to take such risks IF they knew the truth. Of course the entire tactic of the sponsors of it, the Pharmaceutical companies & Planned Parenthood & Obama make fortunes off killing of those in womb. Killing innocents with drugs is not morally superior to killing them with surgical scapels. "Plan B" is morally equivalent to "Zyklon B" nerve gas that was used to gas to death the "unwanted" jews in Nazi regime in Europe.They are both evil uses of medical science, to produce death instead of life to its unfortunate victims. Don't be deceived by the latest trick of Obama to try position himself as somehow acceptable for next 4yr Presidency. He is NOT acceptable! He is ruining this nation, laying plan after plan to depopulate the nation & take control of even who is allowed to have children. Should the U S government agency set up by Congress to rule over medical decisions ever authorize/approve/rubber stamp a drug that has the intent of killing? I say NO.
It is nazi medicine. It is evil. And the age of the unfortunate victim siphoned into abortionists' territory by school-based false doctrines of promiscuity, rampant immorality,accompanied with huge risks of STDs, deep vein thrombosis,AIDS from such ill-advised inappropriate exploitation of minor girls by older men, pharmaceuticals, Planned Unparenthood killers, does not change/ justify the use of hormones to kill.
Let this blog be my testament against any drug that kills, against "plan b' =Levonorgestrel in particular that prevents implantation of fertilized human egg, to starve human to death in womb, and against Obama's plan to depopulate & destroy U.S., and against any govt agency deciding who has the "right" to have children and or grandchildren. The Bible says children ["fruit of womb" ] are blessings from GOD.
There is no right way to do the wrong thing. U S History records that even the so-called Missouri Compromise that was intended to appease both slave-holders and those wanting to free all slaves, failed in time. Because it made U S a "house divided'. Read Matthew 12: 25-28, King James Holy Bible for what happens to a "house divided" ; read union divided.
America, do not be deceived about the goals of Obama and his regime of killing extra-judicially, and of those in womb. He is worst than King Herod of the Bible, because King Herod could "only" [merely] target those already born humans. Obama is seeking to be worst than Herod by preying upon those in the inner sanctum of human existence--in the womb.
Gloria Poole,RN; in my apt in Missouri; 6:49pm;10-Dec-2011