Thursday, December 15, 2011

There Was Another Attempt to Censor My Words

After I wrote that previous post opposing the Obama plan to promote over the counter synthetic hormones to minor girls ages 16 & 17, there was an invasion of computer, and attempt by probably Obama & Sebelius & or Pentagon [who is the strong-arm for Obama's hacking team] to illegally censor my speech in violation of first amendment liberties, by attacking my google account. I think the invasion into my computer began when I responded via "direct message" to what I now think was a a fake/spoofed twitter handle; and then which seemed to open a back door into my desktop. The fake and or spoofed twitter handle I replied to is "personhoodMD" to a man with display name of "Stephen". Which I realized later after thinking on the wording of the "DM" sent to me should probably have raised some doubt in my mind as to the purpose of it. I know my 2nd exhusband told me when he was married to me in yr about 2004 [divorced in Oct 2007] that he used alias "Steve" on internet sometimes. So I probably shouldn't have responded to that DM. At any rate, here's what happened: 2 files with names "goog.phish.shavar" appeared on my desktop computer, and they or something blocked/ hacked my google account to prevent me being able to send gmail from my acct. When I tried five times to send an email from my acct, I received a cannot send error and there was "att" showing in the url address at the time. However, my landline telephone is not in the service of AT&T. So it seems the cybercriminal was trying to redirect my dsl line to AT&T servers, for their purposes.
And it was failing because AT&T is not my isp. However, I do have an AT&T cell phone and the govt knows it because it is listed on my state of Missouri records for my RN license and on one of my twitter accts and almost no where else. So I know Missouri State Board of Nursing does not routinely give out confidential info on nurses, so I reason that the cybercriminal got my info from my twitter acct via a malware "follower" or that "direct message" with phishing payload.
I am posting this after having notified Google of those files and after having notified my isp telephone [wired] company; and in order to alert the public to the methods of those with unscrupulous intentions. I have had reason all along to believe that twitter accounts are 'shared" somewhere with those the acct owner has no control over [do they upload or link 'seamlessly" with Facebook, for instance] and no information as to who is "sharing" your acct against your will? And the reason I suspect that is that sometimes "followers" dressed in inappropriate manner and whose goals seem to have nothing whatsoever in common with my tweets, appear as "followers" of mine and every time that has happened, something on my computer got messed up. So to sum up, there seems to be a way for a drive-by cyber-attack via twitter "followers" that is supposedly a passive event to the tweeter but I am convinced is not. Be very cautious in opening any link or DM from suspicious followers. I don't think the state of Maryland [the MD in that personhood DM] has a personhood movement or amendment pending, and I am reasonably sure who ever sent it is a black person because the question was did I approve or agree with the Dred Scott decision which concerned black people and public schools if I remember my history correctly.
This is the information I have today on this. Posting here so public knows: "followers" on twitter are not necessarily who they pretend to be; and may include malicious script to hijack your computer. I have known from the very first time I tweeted that twitter is not secure--and does not encrypt passwords etc. But like everyone else probably also thinks, it serves a useful purpose for me if I am ever-vigilant for malware from bad guys or bad girls.
Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Missouri; and I have not changed my mind about previous post. I am still opposed to hormones of any sort being available to anyone without a prescription and I am still opposed to abortion by any method, chemical or otherwise. 15-Dec-2011;7:19am