Monday, November 14, 2011

The Ways of Criminal Minds so You r Warned

Here are some of the methods of cybercriminals breaking into my isp and hosting accounts in their efforts to ruin me; or to attempt to make a mismatch of the content with the title which has effect of eliminating it from search engines. That seems to be one of the many tricks of felons,drug-addicts,perverts, proaborts, thugs, cyber-hackers. Their other tricks to deceive are : 
1) claiming business partner status when they are not;
2) bidding on websites that are up, by bidding on the domains at the registrar level, with wildly inflated prices to try to get hosting company to give them the domains that others own.
3) Filing fake bankruptcy papers and claiming ownership of entities they never owned, so the federal bankruptcy court does their dirty work of ruining the real owner. 
4) Breaking into emails using info gathered from the files of people on Facebook about their "friends' or "family" then using it to guess the password reset questions.
5) Breaking into hosting accounts with script,malware, viruses, trojans, to steal login credentials.
6) Stealing U S mail by Senators' request to see where a prolifer has her bank accounts, then trying to interfere in them to block content that opposes proabort killing.
7) Stealing U S mail by going to post office, telling staff there that they were 'employees' and the boss was laid up with surgery and to get/steal mail they had no authority to ever have.
8) Adding telephone numbers of others to their emails, in order to try to gain domination of the cell phone account.
9) Going to kiosk in Denver Colorado, "giving the Mexican clerk $20" and asking for all info from a particular cell phone number. 
10) using insider knowledge of hosting accounts and the financial accounts that pay for them to post them for criminals to use [a fav trick of].
11) Cybercriminals working for hosting companies that hire perverts logging in simultaneously when owner logged in to try get financial info, and to manipulate what is written so some paragraphs ended up as gibberish  intended to make it appear as nonsense. That was via login from remote used info gained via "Geotrust" that seems to be the  access point for perverts 
 12) Adding malware to my computers via hosting company's crooked staff; and of fake links sent by them to my email using their so-called "support" email.
13) Stealing my name and my copyrighted intellectual properties to create for themselves a Facebook page using my name and created works.
14) Going to places where I bought new equipment, asking for refund of money I paid, and claiming "President's " status authority though there is NO President over any LLP of mine and never was. And confusing the warranty issues by adding in false information to the file.
15) Stalking me to a Microsoft seminar I was invited too in 2005, and demanding entrance to it; thus putting me in awkward situation with Microsoft and totally skewing all facts in Microsoft's files.
16) Staying up at night, breaking into my computers with info known by a then-husband; then using my emails to steal my hosting accounts, and financial info.
16) Putting a screw-driver into the plugged in computer to short-circuit it.
and last but one of the worst things done to me:
17) breaking my bones, causing me concussion to "steal my life" and "sell my paintings".

These are some of the methods of criminals that I have endured, and that were used to try to ruin me.
 It has taken me a while to get enough of a "toe-hold" on my life again after 3 years of those con-tactics used against me by violent thugs/criminals/ drug-addicts [DBP=2nd exhusband] , proaborts, crooked Senator Diana DeGette in Colorado, crooked billing "man" [term used loosely-who knows?] "Damien' in in Pennsylvania; but I have not quit. And I am not quitting. This battle for the preborn HUMANS right to be born alive is of utmost importance. Every citizen who cares about the U S should join the prolife movement across America. 
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Gloria poole; @my apt in Missouri; 12:22pm;14-Nov-2011