Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Thought on This Some More & think it's necessary

I thought on the entry on Nov 14th about how criminal minds work and after praying to know the truth, realized that there is more I could add to warn the public, vulnerable women, and good law enforcement about the ways criminals work after having observed one of them for 4 yrs & 10 months in intimate relationship of marriage. But now divorced for 4 yrs and have the time to think calmly about those events to learn from them. I am posting them here to hopefully help other people not to be naive about evil, as I was in 2002. The Bible scripture says be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. To help you be wise as a serpent [evil] I am posting what I learned from watching/enduring/living through the worst years of my life with an evil man. I do not think all men are evil, and generally I love men because I loved my daddy growing up. I don't love evil however.
So combined with the previous post 2 back I think from this one, about criminal minds I want to add this:
1) call up the 'enemy's" accounts, tell them you are the supervisor/boss/employee/spouse/brother/friend/business partner/partner/neighbor of the enemy you are trying to destroy but don't tell the accts' person that you are trying to destroy the person [me , in this case] but pretend you are helping and ask to pick up the U S mail at the Post Office to 'help" the designated enemy; and ask for the account number of hosting accounts [because with that you can get lots of info] , and ask for status of account or email on acct so you can "provide financing" for them, then use the info to steal the account, and steal money.
2) To confuse the issue, tell some people your lawful wife whom you have decided to divorce and or kill, is your mother/girl friend/baby-sitter/shack-up/boss/supervisor/employee; so you totally confuse people as to her role i your life.
3) Tell people that she moved out, moved downstairs, is in the "restaurant" ,moved upstairs, died, is on "life support" when they call asking for her, while you are sill married to her and plotting her death. { I am writing this first person--I was designated by DBP=Dana Ben Pappas, a male, & then-husband as the "enemy" of Dana Ben Pappas when he was married to me because he wanted my life, my paintings I painted, my inheritance, my Life Media & Publishing/ words that WORK and he set about on a scheme to annihilate me, and steal them.
4) Tell people who own businesses that the so-called enemy does business with, that the white female/wife/enemy is male/black/dropped out of primary school/separated from you/visiting another state/anything but the truth/; to confuse them and jeopardize her accounts by causing confusion/distrust/fear/anxiety/chaos.
5) Steal any bit of ID of the wife/enemy/appointed victim and then take it to a different branch of her bank and then repeat point #1 above, and ask for her account number so you can "deposit" for her and then make an insignificant deposit like $10 and then steal all the rest later via online account.
6) Tell people that your wife/designated/enemy/soon-to-be-dead-victim/ "sold her business and possessions to you" then break in and steal the possessions with brute force if necessary, and any documents or computer discs or hardware for business; and sell them wherever you can after breaking into harddrives.
7) While doing all these things, make a show of public affection by pawing her in public, kissing publicly so lots of your pals see you and could testify how much you "love" your wife/enemy/soon-to-be-dead-victim/ so law enforcement won't even question your motives.
8) When your wife/victim/enemy starts to wise up, tell her you will kill her if she tells anyone,and/or kill her children, and/or wipe her out of life, and make fists and clench your jaw as you say it; and pace around like a crazed wild-man, and pantomine shooting her with a gun,putting it to her head, pulling trigger, saying it would only take one bullet through her skull to kill her.
{ My then-2nd-husband did those things to me repeatedly, hundreds of times, to terrorize me, beginning 2 weeks after second marriage in Dec 2002. Now divorced from him and thank GOD!].
9) Put cocaine or something in her [enemy/wife/designated-victim ] food to make her sick, dizzy,confused. Again, all of these events happened to me, and I am writing about them now because it has taken me this long [4 yrs since 2nd divorce] to be able to sort out the events and think them through and piece together what happened].
10) Confuse the accounts' owners by calling up the accounts with the wife/victims/enemies NAME but in the normal male voice so they think her name is of a male when she is female. Then create Facebook account with her identity & name and the info you stole from her, but put someone else's photo in the profile so the world does not recognize her as her.
11) Break into her computer accounts and set it to notify you when she is logged in, then when you see she is logged in, break in again, and from your remote location, as she is typing, you type nonsense and fight for control of page/acct; to make public read nonsense on her pages to show to your $10,000 a pop lawyer that she is "insane" and not believable.
12) And tell "Mexican clerks" that you will split the proceeds of her accounts if they will help you get her info.
13) And give the maid a $20 and ask her to get for you any info lying around such as U S mail.
14) And break her leg and try to run over her, smash her head, strangle her, poison her, trip her on stairs,to cause death if possible or serious injury so immobile so you don't have to risk running into her at Post Office while stealing her U S mail.
15) Call up her children on the sly tell them you are providing for them [when she sends money from her wages at hospital to them] and tell her you are "going to drive a wedge between her and her kids" and tell her she will "never see them again".
I attest that those methods are effective to terrorize, confuse, nearly destroy a sane professional woman { I had a current R N license in Colorado when all those events began; but I have moved to Missouri in Oct 09 & moved my RN license to Missouri also]. I endured them & SURVIVED them, by the grace of GOD. And I am telling! In as many places as need be, until I feel I have done my part to warn the public of such evil people, and particularly to warn women not to be deceived by male bi-sexual Dana Ben Pappas [however he currently spells his names/aliases] so they are not his next victim.
Also read today's tweets at and and for more info.
Update @ 12:08pm same day: I remembered 2 other events. When I moved to Missouri in Oct 09,I had to count the boxes for the moving company to insure. When the "Discount Movers" in an unmarked white van arrived to load it, it was with two different sets of paperwork. When I asked why, they had some nonsense answer. Then when a different moving company delivered my possessions to me about 14 days later, 23 boxes of my belongings were MISSING,GONE. And I knew thief DBP had struck again.
And about point #9 above. I testified about that in Court but I thought it was malethion a pesticide because it had a funny smell to it, and was a white powder in the sack with the flour, but scattered all around, but didn't smell like flour. I said as much in court because it was the only substance I could think of that came in white powder form and that smelled distinct. My daddy had a crop-dusting plane when I was a child and they sprayed insecticide over acres & acres of land with it. During that hearing, the Judge sort of raised his eyebrows and I had an aha moment realizing for the first time it was probably cocaine. My then-husband testified in District Court that he used cocaine and his probation officer said he tested positive for it, but I never thought he would dare bring it to my apt, until that split second when Judge raised his eyebrows sort of a probably not malethion look. Also, I remembered my then-husband who did all this evil to me who spelled his name at the time of marriage license as "Dana Ben Pappas" [but had changed spelling of it to Dana Benn Papas by 2006] also applied for a music account that shipped him CD's in my name that suddenly arrived and he swooped in, took them,left with them. And listed my bank account as his on his fake bankruptcy proceeding in Jan 2009 but bank stopped him from hijacking my acct, not the bankruptcy court. And he told the Judge I was his mother but I disproved that with birth certificate, passport, marriage license and final divorce decree. He told Washington Mutual he was a business partner and stole my acct for business [words that Work,LLP] with their help and with info that was required on divorce papers.
I admit that I was in sort of a shock when these events happened. It was incredible to me that someone could be so evil and so sly about it. I remembered how in the book of Genesis it says the serpent was the most subtil [subtle] of all creatures & was evil.
And there's more... He signed his name "Dena Pappas" on his Comcast order that he put in the apt in Aurora Colorado that was supposed to be my apt in exchange for me not leaving him and the state in May 2006. I did not know that until the Comcast man came to the apt months later in Aurora trying to collect money from me thinking I was that made up person. When I saw the carbon and Dana's signature signed as "Dena Pappas" I was shocked. I did not use his Comcast acct because I had earthlink acct there in my name. And I found out later he took my resume around I suppose pretending to be me, in one of his many acts/methods of trying to impersonate me to "steal my life" as he said because he said if he could get hired by an agency he could make $70/hr & get access to drugs. He nearly ruined my life in every way possible. Law enforcement has my permission to print this and submit as evidence against him or to get a warrant for his arrest. I think he murdered the Adams County D. A. in the city of Denver.
I know his other aliases he uses are: "Doris Parsons","Doris Pappas", "Dana B Papas", "Dana B Pappas", "Dana Pappas"; possibly "Dana Poole" [Poole is my born with surname but was never his name.]; "Dena Pappas"; "Dana Papas". I assumed his last name of Pappas when married to him in Dec 2002 but removed it forever on final divorce decree in Oct 2009 in Arapahoe County Colorado. Much of what I have written about is on Court documentation in 2 counties, 3 or 4 cities in Colorado spanning events from early 2003 in downtown Denver to Jan 09 in city of Denver again, and including Sheridan,Littleton,Englewood, Aurora, Denver Colorado, in Arapahoe & Denver County Court, District Court, U S federal Court.
Also, there is some woman who did live in Denver Halcion bldg that has some intimate relationship with him; and I know what he told me about her, but from all indications observed of them together, she was not his mother. I do not know her real name but I now he uses her address and hangs out there in wee hours of nite.

Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 11:08am;24-Nov-2011