Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I"m Opposed to S O P A also; reasons are...

I read in this evening their article that begins with "...Effects of Internet Blacklist..."; and though I have created all sorts of intellectual properties that I own the copyright too, and though I believe copyright protections are necessary for those who make original content to make a living, I am still opposed to the HR [bill] 3261 because according to the article it is fashioned after countries that are on the U S Secretary of States's blacklist to be censored from the U S. In other words, Obama and H Clinton fashioned their communistic tactic after countries considered to be so radical and "dangerous" that those countries are censored/blacked-out/blacklisted from U S ' internet! What does that tell you?
It tells me that Obama is planning on making the internet as rare and as tightly controlled in the U S as it is in communist and muslim countries on the U S Secretary of States's "blacklist" for failing civil liberties of its people. That is not an improvement, folks.
The entire purpose of HR 3261 is to get in place a method of censoring, and taking down websites that disagree with Obama or H Clinton in the run-up to their reelection/election campaigns. The First Amendment liberties in the US gives to citizens the "right" to protest the government, to worship GOD, to write or speak their opinions on any topic including religion and politics. That is the summary of it. Google it and read it for yourself on the Cornell University link to the U S Constitution.
Congress, don't follow Obama or H Clinton--they are communists.

Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 3:48pm;16-Nov-2011
PS: reread the previous entry this blog for more of the methods of thugs, murderers and people like Obama & Holder.