Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obama's Atheist Plans for US Coming to Fruition????
w/ quote: ...'couple has been fined by the city of San Juan Capistrano for holding Bible studies and religious gatherings in their home"..."were fined $300 for the religious activities, which the city said violated a municipal code that prohibits "religious, fraternal or " ... [not for profit] organizations in residential neighborhoods without a conditional-use permit," as reported. The Capistrano Dispatch article is located at: Some quotes have brackets trying to prevent their links from copying along w/ quote.
This is awful and another indication of the direction Musim Obama is taking the nation, or trying too. If you study [via online and or written newspapers' reports of] his words and deeds you will realize he does not honor the Commandments of GOD in the Old Testament or the words of Jesus [GODHEAD in flesh] in the New Testament either. He is either atheist or Muslim. There is some reasonable degree of evidence to think he is Mulim: 1) because he was born in a predominately Muslim country in Africa; 2) he was raised in another predominately Muslim country in Indonesia; 3) he has stronger alliances with known to be Muslim nations than with Christian or Jewish nations; 4) he has pushed forward ungodly laws that are his attempt to defy GOD [i.e. his championing homosexuality what GOD called abomination in Leviticus 18:22, KJV, and in Romans ch 1; and abortion which is condemned in Exodus 20:13, and Revelations, KJV]; 5) he has done deeds to diminish Christianity in many ways by putting his cause of removing Christian websites and words from the internet.
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Also, this news:
The Planned Parenthood vs human race fight has shifted to Idaho; w quote:
"Prosecutors said McCormack terminated her own pregnancy using abortion pills she obtained from an online distributor at between 20 and 21 weeks on December 24, 2010. Hearn has said she believed she was getting the pills from a legitimate medical provider." Since the Judge in Idaho cannot be trusted to discern the intent of the law of Idaho, the FDA should prosecute her for buying illegal drugs on the web. {in the US you cannot buy drugs from people off the street or without a pharmacy license or a Registered Pharmacist license/ permit. She violated federal law yet the Judge ruled in her favor??? Does this tell you how selective the Obama administration is in enforcing federal written laws??
If Obama stays in office, the US will be ruined. He is evil personified, and he is as subtle [subtil is spelling in KJV] as a serpent. Vote him out of office. Better yet, impeach him now for violating the US Constitution repeatedly.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 10:53am;24-Sept-2011
Update @ 11:22am ,and what seems at first off topic but isn't and I'll explain why after you read this:
And about Facebook:
a quote from article on today:
"The hours Facebook users put into their profiles and lists and updates is the labor that Facebook then sells to the market researchers and advertisers it serves." and this one: "That's because on Facebook we're not the customers. We are the product." Read entire article please at:
And another article about how the changes to Facebook put every task you do on Facebook in the public realm:
" With every one of these "passive" shares, users are teaching Facebook a little more about themselves.
That's incredibly valuable to advertisers, who can use that data for target marketing.
It's also a potential invasion of privacy, " and ...""Since a one-time click will grant a persistent permission to any app to collect and disclose personal information on your behalf."
This is not off topic at all really. It puts into words the very concept that produced in this nation the false "right to abortion" spun by the US Supreme Court from the words in the 4th Amendment. Now if you read that amendment you will see that US citizens have a right to privacy; it no where mentions abortion.The same government that decided in the infamous and illegal decision named "Roe v Wade" that meant a right to kill tiny defenseless humans in the womb [what abortion is] also has decided to 'date" Mark Zuckerberg for the info his so-called 'users' [ I think a better word might be victims] have that can be used to create massive databases for the federal government just as they are used to create those for BIG INDUSTRY including Planned Parenthood killers-of-innocents. Why do you think Obama went "a-courting" to use a child's song's phrase to Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs who all own or control MASSIVE databases of human activity?? And the entire concept of Zuckerberg's that has made him a billionaire is selling the users' content as if it were his own. That would be illegal in most situations since users' words, photos, poems, comments, etc would normally be labeled as "intellectual property" covered by copyright laws. But in the case of Democrat Zuckerberg it is overlooked because otherwise how would he give mega bucks to Obama ?? They are two peas in the same evil pod. Selling humans one way or the other. I bet that Zuckerberg would have made a pact [agreement] with Hitler too to sell the flesh and blood of the Jews for money .