Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Added to my Ethnic Paintings; Copyright; updated sites

I have added a different [new to the public, I think] painting entitled "Bolivian Man" to my ethnic series on public display and you may see it at my tumblr blog : http://gloriapoole.tumblr.com. Also, I have updated other websites that concern my paintings I paint, my sketches I drew and or painted; my drawings in pen/inks,charcoals,pencils. I paint in all visual mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels which have a brand name, inks,gouche,tempera, but do not like "water soluble" oils [since there is no such thing].
Also, FYI, I added the FBI warning label to a blog of mine as a reference that the FBI gets involved when fine art is stolen or the images of it are stolen since those are copyrighted intellectual properties to my site at http://tapestry-of-life-llp.blogspot.com, and you should look-see the FBI warning there against piracy. The warning is for those who have in the past stolen my content right off blogs, repository sites, emails, US mail,my cell phone(s) "gallery", my online storage of mozy.com that turned out to be a massive trick, my online Picasa photo albums, my Yahoo Flickr albums,my online cell phone albums since yr 2006 to a few days ago,my 2GB photos that were in my album embedded in what was my email once upon time of gloriapoole at inbox that were stolen from me along with the email gloriapoole at inbox.com;and numerous emails that I paid for that were stolen from me by criminals who broke into my accts* to steal,plunder,destroy me while stealing my life [they thought],etc; and it is a warning for those who are trying to steal my very name and all of my copyrighted photos of my paintings,sketches,drawings, and of genre photography of flowers, landscapes, sunsets, skies, clouds, alien-spaceships,mountains, art objects, trees, architecture,etc [rated G] and of my blogs, domains, content,poems, essays as Registered Nurse, words on any method,format,medium. I Gloria Poole OWN ALL RIGHTS to everything I create, and have never sold them nor assigned them to anyone, and have never given anyone permission to use my real born with name of Gloria Poole or any variation of it on the web. This is a Copyright notice. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; gloria0817;g-l-o-r-i-a; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloria-poole;gloria.poole. Missouri; 13-Sept-2011 extending previous copyrights from states of Georgia, Colorado, NY, Nebraska,Virginia, any place I lived for all paintings,sketches,drawings, words,poems,content on websites I own and or create,my original photographs, all orginal content of art, poems, words, essays whether on canvas, digital imagery, word processing, paper [sketches] , masonite, cardboard, graphics program { I did create an entire album of what is known as 'clip-art' with a graphics designer program and it is on the web also]; and on websites,blogs I own,pay for, and or create content on if a free site provided for me via professional courtesy; or a platform that offers free sites to any person; and whatever email address I own that is used by me and not by criminals who stole them, but copyright is not dependent upon my email address(s), and in any known- to- mankind method of creating original visual art or words; and incorporating the warning on my blog at http://tapestry-of-life-llp.blogspot.com with FBI seal on it. Take heed that you notice because my patience is wearing thin with cybercriminals breaking into my accounts to plunder, and with those who broke into my paid storage off coast of Georgia to steal original paintings of mine years ago. This copyright is on other sites of mine; and it is intended to cover all of my created, original works in any format, whether or not I photograph them, or hire someone to photograph them [which I have never done so far], and whether or not I add them to any publicly viewed online site of any sort. I have never given anyone else permission to add my content to anything online.
Also, I updated these blogs over the past few days:
http://gloriapoole.bravehost.com [Gloria's Art]
http://gloriapoole.bravediary.com [Children of The Father [GOD, in heaven; meaning I am Christian, believer]
http://gloriapoole.wordpress.com [G-L-O-R-I-A]
http://gloriapoole.xanga.com [A New York Minute]. You might particularly like the memorial I put there to commemorate America and it's spirit, and NYC. It also has my inks sketch of "Golden Eagle" on that entry about 9/11.
Also, be aware, that those who tried to annihilate my very life, also tried to annihilate me on the web. I have endured repeated attacks against my online efforts; and those attacks were orchestrated by the prodeath industry of Planned Parenthood consortium of those who kill innocent babies in the womb, and by the sodomy-perverts of the world; and by one of those in particular, who is well-known to law enforcement in Colorado. But they have not won, and I have not quit.
You should also know that my main purpose in having a web presence is to promote,advocate,push everywhere the cause of continuation of human life INCLUDING ending abortion as a so-called "right" since it is a grievous wrong and a heinous crime against GOD and humanity, and ending legalized euthanasia [this generation has propaganda label of "mercy killing' or "assisted suicide' ] but it is genocide, homocide and a sin against GOD. Remember GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" and that is recorded in the gospel in Exodus 20:13 and in Deuteronomy. My art began in high school when I took a year long class in mechanical drawing so it precedes my career as Registered Nurse.
Footnote: gloriapoole at inbox.com was stolen from me. It is not mine for years and I notified inbox.com of that at the time. Also there is a list somewhere on this blog in previous entries of the MANY emails that were solen FROM me by cybercriminals/criminals over the past 9 years.
Gloria Poole, gloriapoole; 13-Sept-2011;8:26am;@my apt in Missouri