Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dumb & Dumber Idea to throw injured under bus

I read in the BBC news today in the health section that England, Scotland & Wales are going to allow homosexuals to donate blood beginning in November. I have to go on record as saying that is the dumbest idea I have heard in a long time. Serving up trauma patients [those who usually need blood] with a dose of HIV is not only dumb, it is catastrophic! UK countries undo that decision before you ruin many lives, and before those you ruin sue you for putting political agendas before known medical facts. It is a known medical fact that MSM [men who have s-e-x-{hyphenated for reason} with men] are very high risk of contracting AIDS. HIV [human virus] and its result of AIDS is bloodborne--in their blood, so when they donate blood they donate the HIV and or the full blown AIDS also. That is NOT what what those injured need.
And people of those countries start writing in "no blood transfusions"on informed consents for surgery; and striking it out if pre-written on informed consent to protect yourself against contaminated blood, if those countries insist on contaminating their donated blood supply on purpose.
Also, off topic a bit, but a subject that affects all of nation in upcoming election. I have to ask this: Rick Perry of Texas were you purposely trying to make your opponent [Obama] look better than he is when you gave him what seemed to be an endorsement in last evening's debate ? Second question: what were you thinking? Obama is not to be congratulated for ordering an assault on a man who have never been formally accused of any crime in the US, nor allowed to present a defense, nor allowed a trial or to question witnesses etc. All of those are involved in "due process' of law in the Amendments to Constitution. I know that most of America thought Osama bin Ladin was guilty but in the US we as a nation do not try people in the court of public opinion. So I believe that according to the written laws of this United States Obama violated the US Constitution, the public law about declaration of war [no war declared on Pakistan where he was]; and the Amendments of the Constitution about those accused of a crime. He does NOT deserve the respect of the nation because of it. Even if Osama bin Ladin was guilty he should have had due process. The U S has never been the sort of nation that assassinates its enemies.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 8_Sept-2011;8:35am