Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oil Painting Practice for Kentucky Derby by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia 7 Jan 2015; update2

This is the finished version up close of the oil painting on 20 x 24 canvas that I completed today at about 6 am. It appears sort of lop-sided so I rephotographed it from further back in next photo to see if could tell if easel is lop-sided. It is obviously sitting on the easel I painted it on. Also scroll to see the preliminary drawing, underpainting and chnages on 2nd day.
This is same painting I painted but I was further back when I photographed it.
This is yesterday's version that I had to think on overnite to decide whether to repaint the far shoulder, and I decided too and did repaint it this morning.
This is the underpainting of the same oil painting.
This is the photo after i had blocked in the shapes.
This is the pencil drawing I drew on the canvas to begin, and re-drew several times trying to get proportions correct. I was referring to a news photo of an actual race horse but I did not try to imitate that horse. I did however, try to draw and paint the legs and feet in roughly the same position as in the news photo.
This is my signature I signed with an electronic tool and "digital ink" to use as temporary personal logo for year 2015 until I create one with actual paint.
This is a photo I photographed of the U S flag on walkabout in December 2014, to remind all that I am a US citizen with first amendment liberties. It is necessary to write that often because 2 evenings ago, cyber-criminals at remote totally deleted all apps, all photos and all emails, all saved documents etc on my android tablet I bought in year 2011. I suppose they thought they were ruining me. And I am reasonably sure it was done maliciously by the prodeathers who have tried to ruin me on the web since year 2008. It was a minor inconvenience because I had what was important stored on memory cards.
This is my hand holding one of my Southern Baptist/ Great Commission Baptists' christian crosses. That faith I belong too does not make images or graven images [statues] of GOD or in the form of JESUS to display on our crosses or our churches or in any manner because of GOD's commandment in Exodus 20 not to make or worship graven images.
This is my copyright notice for this blog and all content, all words,all photos,all art,all graphics of it on it at ny time in any location for any reason since the beginning of time for this blog.

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Update info: As "personal favor" for [Baptist] Mike Huckabee to publish the news he will "be on a media and book bus tour starting Jan 17 and will conclude it with a nationally broadcast webcast for church and home viewing parts on Sunday night, February 8." Promoting "new book " God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy" releases next week on Tuesday, January 20. It’s already generated a lot of attention because I make the case for why those who live with traditional moral values and respect for the Constitution aren’t the outliers". Also, to remind all who can [who are physcally able to march for hours to participate in the annual March for Life in either your city [not all cities have a March but should] and to be very vocal and make signs for the Press that discourgae the killing of tiny humans in the womb. Please read more info at:

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