Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still life art & great photo-by-gloriapoole

I, Gloria Poole also known on oil paintings and in real life as Gloria, am putting here two photos I myself photographed and have the originals on my cameras. I am putting them here, because last evening about 10pm, I uploaded them three times to my blog at; and all 3 times they vanished --were stolen in transit by cybercriminals that broke into that blog of mine. I was and am furious about it and I blogged at the time on that blog a request to the good #FBI and to #Google to get rid of those breaking into my #Google account and into my blog. I am putting these photos here because 1) they are my own photos I photographed and I own all rights to them; and wll use them as I want too. They do not belong to cyber-criminals and I D thieves in other words, but to me Gloria. 2) Because this blog has my full name on it so the G is written out instead of initial G only in it; so no question that it is my blog--with my name, from my camera, from my desktop, from my own private apartment, from my own talents in making art and photographing. 3) Because I am determined that evil will not win, nor control me because I am in right standing with The ON TRUE and LIVING GOD {JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, The Almighty in 3 forms of Spirit, Word, and the flesh on earth in JESUS and I do not worship statues. I am Christian, and atheist perverts are not going to control my activities nor my blogs nor my photos!

These photos are one of a still life I had finished painting last nite just a few minutes before I signed into my blog at https://gpoole817.blogspot to add them there. They are not on that blog because criminals who broke into it put malware on my blog. So, I am adding them here to identify these are MY photos that I photographed and my sketch I painted, and intellectual property to use as I see fit. The first photo is of the acrylic sketch I painted and named "Magnolias in green vase" yesterday ; or finished yesterday. I had painted on it before, then completely repainted it in acrylics because I didn't like it in the first sketch.

The second photo is a PHOTO that I photographed and not a painting or sketch. I was using one of my several cameras and I photographed this cello that is my grandson's Samuel's cello, who at the time [yr 2011] was 12 years old. I love this photo and I think you viewers will also.

Copyright: I, Gloria Poole , of Missouri own all rights to this blog and to all content of it. I wrote all text on it, and I created and then photographed all art on it, and I photographed all photos of genre photography on it with several cameras, cell phones, electronic devices. I have not sold any of my photos nor have I ever sold any of the domains that belonged to me from years 2003-2011 but all domains I had bought, paid for, created content for, were stolen from me by criminals who broke into my web-hosting accounts to plunder and loot , when I had trauma that nearly killed me TWICE.

Gloria Poole at my apartment in Missouri which is my only residence [to clarify for law enforcement and art museums and banks] 18-January-2014 at 6:21am. I am also known as Gloria on art I create and as Gloria Poole on some sketches and on web as : gloriapoole; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloria poole; Gloria Poole; Gloria Poole, RN; Gloria J poole; Gloria ; gloriapoole1749; onlineeducatorglo; and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole. However it is written, Gloria Poole is my real, born with, legal name as I resumed my maiden name of Poole after my second divorce and forevermore removed the former married name of Pappas from my name by Court order of Arapahoe County Colorado District Court Judge at the time of the final decree of divorce from male DBP of Colorado in Oct 2007 after 4 horror filled years of abuse and trauma from him; and that is recorded on state of Colorado records. I moved to Missouri on Oct,31 2009 with about 99.9% of my the art I created and the possessions that were not stolen by the so-called moving company that allowed someone in Colorado to plunder them. {About half of the boxes I had packed in Colorado arrived in Missouri }./s/ Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri, 18-January-2014 at 6:27am I, Gloria, signed in this morning 19-Jan-2014 to add this:

I changed security settings and made some other changes to my accounts after #Google and good law enforcement removed bad people from my accounts. Then, I signed back into another account of mine [all this yesterday], and was able to put photos of art I created and a genre photograph I photographed in yr 2008, on my blog at I purposely put some of the art I created in yrs 2008-2011 and a photo from that time period that is known to be mine [because I photographed it with the camera on my cell phone, which I still have in my possession and which is still my account also, and because it is included in some online albums of mine]. I reasoned that would help establish me in the public's mind,w/ that way writing my name [gpoole817] and that blog which was begun by me here in Missouri in yr 2011, but that was hijacked about 3 different times by different names [aliases of possibly one bad man] is MY blog and has my last name of Poole and the initial of my first name of Gloria in the url address. I think the problem is solved because I changed the security settings, and made some other changes that should help identify it as mine from now on.

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri , 19-January-2014 at 7:07am.

I, Gloria Poole logged into today, 21-January-2014 to add this:

In news to my inbox today, 21-Jan-2014: with quote: "“Hey displaced and persecuted New Yorkers…You can find refuge, loving people and great food in Louisiana,” {Louisiana Gov Bobby}Jindal wrote." How prodeathers such as Cuomo think they can openly discriminate against 52% of the U S population [the prolife stats now] escapes logic or reason. It's their narrow, one track kill'em in the womb socialist minds at work.