Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Rolly walker graphic; updo of a site.

I am adding a graphic I created and that I named, 'rolly walker";"drawn" with digital ink on an app . I made this to make my grandchildren happy. Then decided to add it here, simply because some people think that the entire repository I had once of what I called "clip art" was not created by me. It was. I don't consider it serious art, but fun art, doodling on some sort of electronic device instead of with brush and canvas or pen/ink/paper. I had several repository sites of the art of all kinds [painted, sketches, graphics, ] I have created since 1991 on previous domains; but I have the art and the backup photos of it, in most cases; and it is also on some public albums of mine that I created including Flickr, T-mobile, Picasa; and mozy had 2 GB of my photos that I photographed that were hijacked by cybercriminals in Colorado in yr 2008, { and that I reported to the FBI because of}. I do not what process is squashing the photos. They are usually larger and are larger even on my cell phones that I photograph them with. I will eventually find the culprit/cyberhacker at remote /unauthorized person [and so will the good guys and prosecute him] that is trying to limit my blog. If you click on the images I think they enlarge. Here's "rolly walker" :

Also, fyi,yesterday I completely redid a site I have had for years at : with some art of mine as well. I think you will also like that. I wrote my name that way yrs ago on that particular account after I heard one of my brothers that was in the Navy say his name that way, [backwards--last name, then first name] as the protocol and I thought " think I will create an email for me that way. " So I did but it is not well known about me. For years it had my letter I wrote in protest to a Professor at the Univ of Colorado, on the site. {An aside: I lived in Colorado from Oct 2002 until Oct 2009, and was married 2nd time for four of those yrs, but divorced 2nd time in Oct 2007 after four horrible yrs of enduring violence from then husband, now second exhusband. My first marriage began and ended in state of Georgia. } All of that is necessary to explain about that site as it was apparently more controversial than I knew, because the email that was mine at the time for my then isp account when I began it was stolen FROM me by cybercriminals in yr 2008 who broke into my computer, into my hosted sites, into my isp account and into my emails. So redoing it yesterday was an effort to reclaim it for me and my purposes.

Also, below you will see a sketch I drew/painted in watercolors entitled "white Paint Mare" as an effort to get better at painting horses. I have painted horses several times: thoroughbred; Rodeo; bullfight; and two other times beginning in about 1992 in Atlanta GA. Some of those are on this blog and also on other blogs of mine as well. See the about me page and also all posts on this blog to find more of my art I created.


I Gloria Poole RN & artist of Missouri but born in state of Georgia, and also who lived in other states, own all rights to all art I create in any method, on any surface/medium, with any tool, brush,pen,pencil,art medium, with real or digital ink, tangible substance or digital image, whether or not I photograph them and whether of not, I add them to any public display site or blog or area. Also, I "work" from my own apartment only for myself --I have no employer, no boss, no supervisor [but GOD HIMSELF] ; no husband, no "partner" of any definition. This is not a shared apartment nor a shared computer nor a shared isp account. IF others at remote break into my accounts it does NOT authorize them, and it does not authorize them to use my name or my art, or my bank info, or anything of mine. Thieving does not authorize anyone!

I am a white, single, heterosexual woman with 2 grown daughters and seven grandchildren ages 14 to 2 months old. Gloria Poole is my real born with name. You may not use my name!

Also, before I forget, I told Twitter to take down and destroy the twitter account of @gloria08171 that was mine before cybercriminals hijacked it and changed the password and were using it somehow to steal from me of images/photos/money and the cybercriminal also tried to hijack my entire cell phone acct with it. I have more than one cell phone because of safety issues, trying to prevent being stalked on line or in person!. That twitter acct was down yesterday and is not connected to any thing of mine any longer---I did not consent to transfer it to anyone. The art I added to it belongs to me so if you see that appear elsewhere on somebody else's blog, please notify me. I have tel numbers posted on some blogs and my landline phone has a listed and an unlisted number. And of course, you can always email me. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 11:27 am; 9-March-2013.