Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christians! Rise up--defeat the enemy who kills babies

To begin with, this is a Christian blog. I am adding the photo of "the Cross" painting I painted years ago to this blog of mine, to remind people that the symbol of Christianity is the Cross.

And then I am adding the photo of tiny feet to this blog to remind people that my main goal for my writing is to make a difference for the prolife cause.

And then I am adding a reminder to any woman or man who has offspring that is in the womb, that when you have doubts about GOD's wisdom to remember the words of this plaque.

Now, for some of the prolife events and news/warnings of risks:

Quote from Wisconsin news: "Sensing a potential new danger for Wisconsin women, Wisconsin Right to Life made enactment of a law prohibiting web cam abortions its top priority in the last legislative session.  Led by Senator Mary Lazich and Rep. Michelle Litjens, the law was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Walker in April of 2012. It is now apparent that this was a huge act of wisdom. What is a web cam abortion?  The woman seeking the abortion is in a different location than the abortionist and talks to him/her over a web cam.  The woman is not examined by a physician.  The abortionist pushes a button and a drawer opens at the woman’s location with the dangerous RU 486 abortion drugs. It is important to note that at least 14 women have died in the United States from RU 486 abortions, and web cams increase the risk by not including a physical exam of the woman." That quote is from :

In Michigan: "In its final form, the Prolife Bill contained provisions to outlaw the dumping of aborted baby bodies into the common trash, to require all surgical abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected, to require women considering an abortion to be screened for coercion to abort and to prohibit the practice of “webcam abortions” from coming to Michigan. Each of these provisions addresses all-too-common practices of the abortion industry that are real threats to pregnant women and ultimately their unborn children." and "Prolifers can also be relieved that the practice of abortions being facilitated by prescribing the RU-486 abortion pill over the  Internet will not be allowed in Michigan. Planned Parenthood first conjured up this abortion method in Iowa, having women talk to an abortionist in another state via a webcam/Skype connection. Without ever meeting or examining these women, abortionists prescribe the abortion pill by remote, leaving its administration to the nurses or other staff where the pregnant woman is located." Quotes from

Also, the Arkansas house voted to override the Governor's veto, in order to ban all abortions after the 12th week of gestation. That is good news for some baby humans. Of course, the goal is to ban all abortions in all states and countries, in accordance with the words of JESUS who said, "even so, it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD] which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, King James Holy Bible.

See copyright notices and the 'about me' page for more info. I am divorced, white, woman that you see at the top of this page in a red/white/black [colors of UGA] sweater in front of my display wall in my apt where I put some of my paintings I paint .

Gloria Poole,RN,and artist at my apt in Missouri; 7:26pm; 6-March-2013

I logged back in today [7-March-2013] because someone tried to hijack my account overnite AGAIN. I tell you if the righteous were as diligent to sit by a computer just waiting to catch criminals as the criminals are just waiting to snag personal & bank info, there would be no problems with identity theft. Hopefully, I have corrected the problems. One of my cell phones was broken into this past Monday, as I was sending a photo I took with the camera on it, to my email. It was obvious the photo was corrupted {for more on that see some of my previous posts about another incident of similar situation} so I deleted that corrupted photo. And added recommended updates to software. IF my isps had better firewalls, a lot of problems would be solved. Also, I am reasonably sure it was about cybercriminals at remote trying to snag a "backdoor" into my computer for the purposes of stealing money, as I had three phis-hing calls yesterday from fraudsters trying to trick me into revealing info. I realize I am not the only person who has problems with cybercriminals breaking into accounts--every tech newsletter I read has relentless, nearly daily news of another company that was hacked. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that T-mobile was hacked, Verizon was hacked last November on election day, and the govt reported it was hacked millions of times a week! I reckon it comes with the territory so to speak and don't put confidential info on any sort of computer/device/form factor now.