Thursday, November 15, 2012

Complicent & fake Christians repent!

First, I want to comment on a supposedly prolife newsletter front page I saw few minutes ago in my inbox, with the face of one of the most radical probort men in history [Obama] on the front page of article. IF PROLIFE news had not given so much free publicity and photos of Obama's face on the so-called PROLIFE news, it would have made a difference in the election.

To PROLIFE NEWS: 1) how many times IF EVER have you seen the photo of any prominent PROLIFER in the secular proabort news? 2) How many times have PROLIFE events been written about in/ by the mainstream Press? 3) How many mainstream journalists know the name of even one citizen prolifer, or of one prolife head of a prolife organization; or ever interviewed one of them ? 4) how many times in the past 20 years has there been a total black-out of news stories that were not pro-abort? 5) How many times, if any, has your local newspaper asked you to publish the prolife news in their paper? 6) how many times did a local journalist call you for an opinion of the prolife point of view of the past federal election? 7) How many times did anyone ask you for any research you might have on the prolife cause, the leaders of it, the movement of it, the civil liberties' aspect of it, the upcoming events of it? 8) How many times did you have to research on your own to find any mention of the prolife [as in 'thou shalt not kill" point of view/ beliefs? 9) How many times in your career as an editor or publisher or journo have you seen medical photos of how human babies look who were slaughtered by abortion? 10) how many times in your career whatever it is, have you seen medical photos of how a tiny embryo looks at about day 10 of gestation?

Answer these questions to understand why the PROLIFE Republican Party lost in the most recent election. The almost total black-out of the prolife viewpoint by the MAINSTREAM PRESS is also what happened in all of the really bad regimes in history. To stop Hitler, it took the Press from other countries--Germany's Press only praised Hitler or was silent.

IF you reader anywhere are silent, you are complicent in the deaths of MILLIONS and hundreds of MILLIONS of innocents around the world. Especially, if you call yourself "Christian" and do not do what JESUS tells you to do, you bring shame and dishonor to His Holy Name. He spoke many words about phony christians. I publish the scriptures in part on this blog often; but this time I challenge you to find the scriptures I am referring too, by reading the New Testament cover to cover, in the King James Holy Bible. See what JESUS defined as Christianity. See what HE said HE will do to phony Christians. Then repent, because the kingdom of GOD is at hand according to words JESUS spoke in book of Matthew. Especially read the book of Revelations that was written to the CHURCHES.

Also, I read with sadness how the so-called law enforcement decided not to charge the daughter of Jon bon Jovi with h-e-ro-in use/possession. Was that the reward for John bon Jovi's performance for Obama--to get his daughter off the hook legally for federal crimes? It made me sad for several reasons:1) they encouraged her to continue to break the law and to continue to use a killing substance without regard for her life or health. 2) They encouraged all young adults to do the same since she is a role model. 3) They broke the federal laws, thus essentially saying that the federal laws of the U S do not matter, unless one is poor or "insignificant" ; creating a tiered form of government --one for the rich and a different one for the poor. 4) They set her up a lifetime of misery and to end up like all those famous folks who overdosed when nobody cared enough about them to stop them. 5) and because once upon a time, I really liked Jon bon Jovi, but I lost respect for him when he supported a man who kills [via abortion policy & drones]; and will not listen to bon Jovi's songs or buy anything he sells again.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 15-Nov-2012; 6:58pm;