Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oppose "harvesting " of human organs from Injured

This article at‘brain-death’/ from "Doctor disputes common acceptance of ‘brain death’ written by Patricia O’Connell, 
CFP Correspondent & Posted By The Catholic Free Press and sent to my inbox November 15, 2012 at 1:12 pm is very relevant to the cause of human life. Organ transplant is a heinous thing when it kills one person to help another. I have no relationship with the catholic church, with the Catholic Free Press nor with journo Patricia O'Connell.. This is about publicizing what they asked me too via email newsletter. I quote from that article:

from LEOMINSTER – "Organ transplants are big business and patients are often declared “brain dead” in order to harvest their organs, neonatologist Dr. Paul A. Bryne said during a talk last Sunday at the Knights of Columbus hall." and quote:"Although the medical profession declares patients “brain dead,” often following an accident, Dr. Byrne insisted there’s no such thing.
“Brain death was false,” he said. “Brain death was a lie from the beginning. It has always been a lie.”
“Brain death is not true death,” he continued. “Organ transplant is the reason you have to have brain death.”

It is imperative that all humans understand that when a person is declared "brain dead" they are NOT dead. They were only misfortunate enough to have a severe injury that allowed a money-grubbing hospital and "transplant team' to stick a legal designation/ label of "donor" on them instead of a name, for purposes of cutting out their vital living organs. It is HORRIBLE. It is not health care. It is evil of the sort that pagan societies did when they killed human sacrifices by cutting out their hearts with flint tools to appease the [false] gods.

I OPPOSE it always, as a sin against GOD's commandment in Exodus 20:13, and Matthew 18:14. I also oppose it because I am certain cannibalizing another human is NOT good for anyone because it is the purpose of the human immunity [defense-against-germs] system designed by GOD to fight foreign bodies that enter the bloodstream. When the blood,cells, plasma, tissues of someone else enter anyone's blood stream their own defense system will fight it off--attempt to kill it as a threat to life. Those who get those transplanted organs take massive doses of steroids to try to knock out the human immune system so the transplants won't be rejected by their bodies. The massive doses of steroids destroy their own adrenal glands, mess up all their organs, make them susceptible to bacteria and super-infections [an infection on top of another infection] and generally lead to death in a few years. The premeditated killing of some to benefit others is a sin against GOD who wrote in stone and gave the tablet of stone to Moses, the commandments, including "thou shalt not kill"; Exodus 20:13,KJV . Read Exodus for the entire Biblical record. Keep in mind I am not catholic and never was. I am Southern Baptist, Christian as in a follower, believer in JESUS [nicknamed 'the christ, meaning translated the anointed one in His life time by the apostles] as the Redeemer, Saviour, Master of my life. The Southern Baptists are despised by the world because of their belief in The Holy Bible as the authority on GOD's word. Also, keep in mind that I think the catholic church is not effective at their prolife efforts precisely because they are a house divided of worship of humans and or idols and semi-worship of GOD. However, they do try to teach respect for human life; which is more than the Methodist Church does or the Episcopal church does or the Anglican Church does , or the LDS church does.

I have written on the topic of trying to save human lives from organized, planned, methodical mass destruction since 1991. That includes trying to save the tiny humans in the womb, the sick, injured, mentally ill, "terminally ill" from the machinery of socialized medicine that decides everything with a mathematical algorithym, a coded language to conceal the evil of it, and atheists to make the rules. A very similar system as Obama is forcing on US was also used in Nazi Germany. Read the book written by a medical doctor entitled The Nazi Doctors by Robert J Lifton, MD. And realize that the system to use computers to crunch numbers such as age, how many times you have seen doctor in past 2 years, how many times you 'used resources', how many times you didn't have the response the so-called medical providers" expected from you, etc,etc,etc are used to determine what if any real life-affirming treatment you will get by "ObamaCare" socialised medicine. Killing is the primary goal of ObamaCare--of those in womb, of the sick,injured, elderly, "terminally ill" through those evil organisations named hospice and Planned Parenthood killing machinery.

I am asking all readers of this, all people who believe there is a GOD [see John 10:30,KJV] who makes all humans, decides who lives and who dies, who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, to pray and ask GOD to do something that ends the methodic, planned mass destruction of tiny humans in the womb, and of the sick, "terminally ill" as designated by a human somewhere who might be an absolute heathen person; and of the trauma-injured. And to ask GOD to remove Obama from office asap. Because he rejected the commandments of GOD and devised a plan to kill Christians, Jews, believers with his "reform" of health care to a killing machinery using drugs, weapons of surgery and pagan providers.

Gloria Poole,RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 18-Nov-2012 12:45pm

Also, this is change of topic but necessary to establish my identity on the web; or re-establish it. This link : has dozens of my paintings, sketches, drawings I painted,sketched,drew; and a photo of me also [in red sweater from yr 2008 when I lived in Denver zip code 80203]. BUT I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. You can click on the photos of that album to enlarge them to see them better than thumbnail size. Also, I thank Google now for preserving them on the web for me [with Picasa].

Many people have tried to separate me from my own created works over decades of time. I started painting as an artist with earnest in about yr 1992 or '93 in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a US citizen born in the state of Georgia, and Gloria Poole is my born with name. I resumed my maiden name after both divorces. Much of my career as Registered Nurse is in my born with name; and also paintings, sketches, drawings, poems, prose, "lessons" on several topics on health care; websites, blogs; photo albums on web; copyright notices; cameras' copyright info, computers that I own, etc. It is important that all realize that I still paint, sketch, draw often and occasionally post some of those to blogs. However, I have many works I created that the public has never seen.They are also covered by copyright.

Speaking of copyrights, all that I create is covered by copyright according to the copyright laws of the U S and of the E.U. I had websites with entire repositories of hundreds of my photos of my art I created on canvas, paper, cardboard, masonite, sketch books; and photographed and posted on line hosted by company in Germany [and also in Canada; U S; UK] from about 2006-2012. I also posted some blogs with my name written as gloria0817; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; & gloriapoole most frequently. I posted some of my art, word, lessons to domains, blogs of words that WORK; and also Life Media & Publishing that both belonged to me; but do not exist as LLP any longer since I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. I discovered the legal designation of LLP did not protect anything from criminals claiming to be 'business partners' of mine who were never business partners of mine. So I did not register them in Missouri as such but continue the mission of them as sole proprietor. I could not prevent the criminal hacking into my domains or emails and realized it was better, with more civil liberties writing as a human U S citizen than as LLP/LLC agent. FYI.Gloria Poole as myself in my legal name; as copyright notice. Gloria Poole/ gloriapoole .Copyright. @ my apt in Missouri; 18-Nov-2012 12:45pm