Friday, September 28, 2012

Christian Rally Tonite in Philly; Prolife news

Here are some PRO-LIFE happenings all citizens should be aware of: There's a 2 day Christian Event on Independence Mall of Philadelphia that begins at 7pm tonite [Sept 28th] with Christian music and speakers on stage beginning at 7pm. It is sponsored by "America for Jesus" & "International Center for Spiritual Renewal". I was informed by CBS news sent to my inbox. I really believe that born again Christians who are following JESUS including His words of Matthew 18:14, KJV, won't abort their children or vote for anyone who promotes the sins of abortion and homosexuality.

Also according to the news the Archduchess Kathleen of Austria is a committed prolifer and volunteers for the cause. The preborn/unborn need all the heroes for GOD that is possible. So thanks to her. has article "It depends on Life" at above linko online 28 Sept 2012 w/ quote: "We found that basically a majority of swing voters, 54 percent, are less likely to vote for President Obama after learning about his record on the Born-Alive Infants Protection legislation, where he opposed giving equal treatment and constitutional protection to babies that are born alive after a failed abortion," relays Mallory Quigley, a spokesperson for the SBA* List.

The survey results also show that Americans are turned off by the fact that taxpayers are funding abortion and the Health and Human Services mandate that forces free coverage of abortifacient drugs and sterilizations." w/ quote: "Although not widely known, statistics show about one in four black babies are aborted." And another [used as education which is intent of their email to my inbox] :

"Rev. Walter Hoye of the Issues4Life Foundation has faced not just persecution but was tossed in jail for his daily pro-life protests. The city of Oakland actually passed a law to stop Hoye and other demonstrators. "I'm on a public sidewalk, holding a sign that says 'God loves you and your baby. Let us help you.' And they form a law against that," Hoye recalled. "That's obviously overcriminalization."

Claims that abortion is decimating the black community have also reached Washington, D.C. At a recent forum, Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation told how his life and ministry rebukes the notion that aborting children of poor or abused women is better than letting them be born. Bomberger's mother, made pregnant by rape, chose birth and then gave him up for adoption. "I would love to express to her the amazing things that followed, the beauty that arose from the ashes of her pain," he said."

Please I ask you as a Registered Nurse, licensed in Missouri to vote prolife only. Remember that the book of Revelations tells that all humans will have to answer to GOD for their decisions on earth, their sins, and their responses to GOD. There is a Judgement Day in GOD's time when HE will judge the living and the dead according to scripture.

Gloria Poole,RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 28-Sept-@012 @ 1:33pm Also I have several twitter accts that I tweet from intermittently. on the topic of life and various topics including banking & finance. +++++++++++++++++++++++ * footnote The Susan B Anthony List