Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Basics for Prolifers & all Voters

"The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee is the latest pro-life group to issue an endorsement for Mitt Romney,.." from, Sept 19,2012. and quote: "Earlier this year, the National Right to Life Committee endorsed Romney. Also see for voter information for the life issues. “On pro-life issues, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama provide a stark contrast. As the country’s most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama has pursued a radical pro-abortion agenda,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “It is now time for pro-life Americans to unite behind Mitt Romney. For the sake of unborn children, the disabled, and the elderly, we must win.”

NRLC says Romney has taken a strong pro-life position and is committed to implementing policies to protect the unborn, the medically dependent and disabled, and the elderly.

“Romney opposes abortion and has called the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, “a big mistake.” Romney has expressed his support of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal funds to pay for abortion,” the pro-life group explained. “Romney has also stated he believes the Obama health care law should be repealed. The Obama health care law would open the door to federal subsidies for abortion coverage and rationing of lifesaving medical care. He has also stated that, if elected, he would reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which prevents federal dollars from going to organizations that perform or promote abortion overseas.”

In a statement responding to the endorsement, Romney thanked the pro-life organization."

Also, quote: "The Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, a national pro-life political action committee, today announced its endorsement of Mike Pence and Sue Ellspermann for Indiana Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Indiana." from Sept 19,2012 and also "Mike Pence has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2001 and has a 100 percent pro-life voting record. Congressman Pence has led the charge to stop taxpayer funding from going to America’s largest abortion company, Planned Parenthood, and spearheaded the 2011 campaign to defund the organization through the Pence Amendment."..."Sue Ellspermann was elected to the Indiana state legislature in 2010. She was featured in WORLD Magazine as an up and coming pro-life woman in politics. Ellspermann has earned a 100 percent pro-life voting record while in the legislature. She holds a bachelor’s degree and a PhD in industrial engineering from Purdue and the University of Louisville."

And also quote:" During the debate over his amendment, Pence talked about the importance of not having federal funds flow to Planned Parenthood. “By banning federal funding to Planned Parenthood, Congress has taken a stand for millions of Americans who believe their tax dollars should not be used to subsidize the largest abortion provider in America,” he said after the vote. “I commend my colleagues in both parties for taking a stand for taxpayers and a stand for life. I encourage my colleagues in the Senate to support this legislation and end federal funding of Planned Parenthood once and for all.”

Pence led the way in fighting for the amendment to ensure that none of the federal funds in any program or department would go to the abortion business, which does more than 324,000 abortions annually and receives more than $363 million in federal, state and local taxpayer funds.

“I believe that ending an innocent human life is morally wrong,” Pence told his colleagues. “I also believe it is morally wrong to take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use them to fund organizations that provide and promote abortion-like Planned Parenthood of America.”

The Pence-Ellspermann ticket is endorsed by Indiana Right to Life as well."

This info was also sent to me in a newsletter to my email: " A new nationwide initiative is asking young American voters to remember the importance of life when they cast their ballots this November.

“We wanted to find a way to engage young pro-lifers in this election,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, the country’s largest pro-life youth organization.

Hawkins told CNA on Sept. 14 that the group is launching the “I Vote Pro-Life First Initiative” to educate young voters and encourage them to vote for candidates who respect life.

The project is being carried out by a coalition that Students for Life worked to form with other pro-life groups, including The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Pro-Life Action League, Rock for Life and Live Action." and also this: "The nation’s largest pro-life student group plans to launch a get out its first ever voter registration and get out the vote effort starting Monday.

Students for Life says it plans to education some 300,000 voters and recruit 1,200 get out the vote youth volunteers through its I Vote Pro-life First Initiative before Nov. 6"Starting Monday, the group will visit nine campuses, mostly in the Midwest, starting with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University before finishing at Clarion University in Pennsylvania and the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio on Friday. It will be headlined by noted pro-life blogger Jill Stanek."...

“We will be recruiting 40 campus captains and other student pro-life leaders to get out the iVote prolife message,” Hawkins said. “We hope to get as many pro-life pledge signers as possible in the next week.”

The group previously was involved in June’s Wisconsin recall election where its members knocked on 10,000 doors throughout the state.

“Our organization is an educational organization,” Hawkins said. “We want to make sure this generation which is a pro life generation gets involved in politics and that they understand how important their vote is.”

And about NYC: "Among other things, the New York ordinance requires pro-life pregnancy centers to post and include in their advertising that they do not offer abortions and birth control."

Information posted here by me Gloria Poole,RN; licensed in Missouri for educational purposes to "get the vote out" of informed citizens. Obviously this is only some of the prolife news. Please remember that the tiniest humans in the womb need heroes who will stand and be counted for their right to be born alive. Please be one of the good guys in the battle of good vs evil and life vs death.

Thank you.

Gloria Poole,RN; and artist in all artist mediums; @my apt in Missouri; 19_Sept-2012@5:49pm