Sunday, October 7, 2012

Missouri, vote prolife-Vote for Todd Akin

There are several things I want to write about but first on list, is to ask Missouri voters [and I am one of them] to vote prolife in November, and vote for Todd Akin for the Missouri seat open in the U S Senate. He co-sponsored the personhood amendment and is willing too again [which is why the radical baby-killing-industry has spent much $ trying to defeat him]. He also has an A+ rating with the NRA, which is very important to Missouri hunters. The Second Amendment [the right to bear arms and defend myself] is also important to me & should be important to every citizen. Also remember that he does not support the deliberate premeditated killing of human embryoes for the so-called "research" that is nothing more than cannabalism.

Also, there is an article in PBS this morning comparing him to his opponent. Remember what PBS means :Public Broadcasting and that is paid for with taxpayers' monies, and is controlled entirely by the Obama administration.

Todd Akin is a very educated man. He is not easily fooled by the gimmicks of big bucks advertising schemes because he knows the Bible. He knows the truth of GOD, and adheres to that as best I can tell by his deeds and words. The U S needs Todd Akin, a voice for the tiny humans in the womb, in the U S Senate more than ever. The U S is depopulating because of RADICAL people like Obama, Pelosi, McCaskill, B & H Clinton, B Boxer, C Schumer, C Lewis.

I am convinced the economic crisis is because the U S population is dwindling and the alive population is aging & can't work forever. When a nation depopulates it becomes like Greece--a nothing country . Though Greece once ruled the then-world, Alexander allowed sodomy among his troops and GOD brought them to NOTHING [as promised in bible when sodomy is tolerated] . They have NO power on the world stage and are begging for the rest of E.U. to sustain them forever. I personally think the E.U. will [and should] disintegrate into separate sovereign nations with great strengths.

Also, the past Wednesday's debate proved the mettle of Mitt Romney, who said he is in favor of overturning the Roe v Wade totally illegal usurpation of power by the U S Supreme Court, who has no authority in the Constitution to create new laws. Please remember the future of any country depends on generations being born in every generation to continue the human race. Help save the baby humans by voting prolife only. Do not vote for those who are radical proabort sponsors as GOD will hold you accountable for your every deed & word upon earth according to the book of Revelations in the Bible.

Also, remember VP Ryan nominee is a strong, committed prolifer. GOD is putting into Washington the people of HIS choosing to end the slaughter of innocents. Be on the side of GOD--the winning side; reject evil; fight the devil; pray without ceasing; volunteer for prolife groups, donate money to prolife causes and do not buy those products that promote the sins of sodomy & abortion. {Read Exodus chapter 20, KJV, and Leviticus ch 18; and Romans ch 1. --all KJV].

Also, a bit of topic change: When I booted up my computer my web browser first page upon boot had a message from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, signed Tim. Well. I was surprised to say the least. It was nice--a public thank you to Apple CEO Tim Cook for making my day. I have devices & computers of several brands, several OS & with several isp's. And 3 Apple products; but also that many of Android, and a Windows device as well. I am rich in gadgets & in some ways, they have helped me by giving me ways to accomplish something even when too exhausted to stand up.

This blog is owned [and always was] by me Gloria Poole. Poole has always been in my name even the two times I was married since it is part of my born with name. I removed the surnames of my exhusbands [2 of them] by court orders after each divorce. I am divorced twice --it happens. Some of us humans who happen to be women are so naive we believed the wrong man more than once. But now I pray for wisdom. This is necessary because yesterday several dozen of photos I had just photographed of my paintings, sketches, drawings were ripped right off my brand new device that absolutely no one knew I had but me, the bank, and the big box retailer. None of my computers or devices are shared with anyone else. There have been 3 times since Jan 2011 when my computers, devices were broken into simultaneously in a planned attack on me. But I have never willing shared the passwords or given anyone permission to login into any Apple device of mine [but me , with my info in one 1 or other].Nor I have shared any password of mine to any device, computer of mine belonging to me, paid for by me, or to any isp acct of mine. This stands as documentation for law enforcement to catch the thieves breaking into my devices from remote locations. If you don't hack into my accounts, then nothing to worry about.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri [and which is my only residence though I own land in Georgia]; 7 Oct 2012; 11:39am; UPDATE: I logged back in at 2:05 pm to notify law enforcement & I.T. depts everywhere that three more emails belonging to me for YEARS have been stolen from me by criminals breaking into my acct. The emails stolen from me in past month are: artist at; gloria_0817 at; gloria.poole at To FBI: please track the criminals breaking into my windows accounts to steal from me. Most likely they are located in Colorado where my 2nd exhusband made many threats to kill me. He is stalking me online. I tried to close the outlook and the gloria_0817 at live but it is in endless loop of cybercriminals' control ctr located in another state.

Public be aware that those emails were set up by me with my photo and my isp info from my home computer that is not shared with anyone [at least not lawfully shared--breaking in by criminal S.O.B's does not count as permission] and were hijacked FROM ME by stealing firast the artist at century tel email that is supposed to be mine but was stolen from me months ago by criminals stalking me and then they stole the photos of my paintings, my emails to my 2 grown daughters Jennifer & Leigh, and are trying to steal my very name. One thing I know for certain any Windows O S is similar to a screen door--full of tiny holes that let in unauthorized persons by the dozens. Windows a useless operating system if you want secure emails or websites or computers..