Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If u could save 2000 innocents, would you?

Republican Judge Jordan of Mississippi has the unique opportunity to save 2000 innocent tiny humans with his signature. I pray he has the b---s to do it.

Here's the situation: Planned Parenthood and its backers in Congress [Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry, Boxer etc.etc,etc] & the White House are having a hissy fit, because the state of Mississippi's legislature passed into public law a requirement that abortionists in their state have "advanced clinical certification" and admission privileges at hospital within the physical area of their killing field.

Of course you understand the business of Planned Parenthood and its umbrella/ consortium of so-called clinics is killing. That is their task 80% of the time--killing a tiny, innocent in the womb human for pay. They are not happy that Mississippi does NOT want their state to have killing fields so they took them to court. The viewpoint of the killer-abortionists is that "advanced clinical certification" is not necessary; meaning they don't have to be experts at medical stuff because their tasks are NOT medical. Any level of on the job training suffices for what they intend to do.

And the assassins of tiny-in-the-womb-humans argue that admission privileges at local hospitals as is required for real medical doctors is not necessary because after all they are not real medical doctors and not trying to save anybody's life, but trying to kill a defenseless human trapped in the tiny uterus house of the mother.

Admission privileges at a local hospital so that emergency complications can be handled quickly and appropriately is REQUIRED for virtually EVERY medical speciality that operates a stand-along [aka ambulatory surgery] clinic in every state in the US EXCEPT for those abominable killing centers that are as they are argue not medically certified. Abortionists routinely deny that complications happen and abandon the women at the exit door of their so-called "clinic" to fend for themselves if they start hemorrhaging, or dying.

It is up to federal Judge Jordan to IMPLEMENT the intention of the State of Missouri, and require those who force open a woman's uterus with metal dilators, and scrape, suction, dismember, vaccuum up the uterus afterwards, to meet all medical standards that other "medical providers' have to meet.

Does Judge Jordan have the male b---s to do that i.e. take on and defy the goliath of Planned Parenthood killing machinery ? Does he have real courage and not the sort often attributed as courage [but isn't] that is of the sort Obama imbibes on the White House lawn? Does he have the best interest of the state of Mississippi in his heart, or does he want to suck up to Obama?

Judge Jordan could save 2000 innocent tiny defenseless U S citizens with his signature because if he implements the will of the people instead of the will of Planned Parenthood, the inferior to medical standards so-called abortion "clinic" will shut down for lack of meeting standards and being unfit to practice medicine in the state of Mississippi; thus saving the lives of those on the list to be destroyed there.

What do you think he will do? Does he have integrity? Does he know there is a GOD and he's not named Obama? Does he care about Mississippi or does he only care about his pay, perqs, and kickbacks offered under the table by Planned Parenthood to rule in their favor?

Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 11-July 11,2012 @ 1:51pm