Sunday, July 1, 2012

Prolife News is Getting Better: thank GOD!

There's some exciting news for the preborn humans.

Though this news is not yet an end to the horror of abortion, it is 3 steps in the right direction. Here's the good news BUT KEEP IN MIND THE REAL GOAL IS TO END THE PREMEDITATED SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS IN THE WOMB. So these are incremental steps, that will save some lives--the babies of good moral decent women will be saved; and the other babies of not so good women might have a tiny chance to NOT be mercilessly slaughtered.

1) Apple Computers has an app in the medical section for "pregnancy" that has a photo of an human in the womb on its face of app. And that is VERY GOOD NEWS. I had to rethink my attitude about Apple as a result of it; and because Apple streamed the developers' conference to my desktop for me. I was thrilled to be able to see and hear the first day's entire presentation. The influence of Apple Computers is probably greater than the influence of the U.S. Congress. So that app will influence people to think the right way about the tiniest humans of all--i.e. those in the womb.

Changing the beliefs, attitudes & minds of the big humans so that they are protective toward the little, tiny humans is a necessary component to changing the laws about abortion, so that all humans everywhere know that life in the womb [uterus] of a human woman, conceived from the sperm of a human man, is HUMAN. Tiny humans must have the full faith & credit of the U S on the side of the right to life. That is the point where we, as a nation have to get.

Apple's app will help tremendously. I am grateful it exists for all people everywhere to see and to learn more.

2) Mississippi is poised to make history. It is about to become the ONLY state with no abortionist or baby-killing-center. It's the 1st state to accomplish that. I pray the other 49 states follow their leading. All baby-killing-centers should be shut down, and doors padlocked and the murderers of the tiny humans arrested for genocide. That would be the Biblical response since GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill".

[Exodus 20:13, KJV]. There is one argument proaborts make that always infuriates me when they say their justification for womb-slaughter is that "only a potential person is there". That is absolutely not true. HUMANS are human from the moment the gamete cells are produced. They don't become human--they start human. Two humans in the sex act, when the man ejaculates and the woman is fertile and the sperm penetrates the female egg, produce another HUMAN. Of course, it takes time. So does getting from age 1 to age 2, or from age 40 to age 50 or from any age to the next. It's a day by day growing, learning process. In the womb is merely a stage of development.

Mississippi would have passed the personhood amendment if the only voters had been those residing in Mississippi. That evil organization Planned Parenthood IMPORTED protestors and voters to skew the results. They are infamous for doing that. Just as the Obama administration uses $$$$ designated for health care to pay lobbyists, journalists to do PR disguised as news, and to import paid "protestors" to create TV news for Obama , so they do that on the prolife issues as well.

3) The new law for Virginia started today, that requires that women seeking an abortion have an ultrasound 24 hours in advance of their planned abortion. YES, the goal is that good decent women when confronted with a photo of their baby in the womb, won't sign the execution paperwork and will go home and have a living baby. I admit that is my goal when I PUSH PUSH for prolife legislation. I am not two-faced with words as smooth as butter but with murder in my heart [to use a Bible phrase].

GOD BLESS the good legislators in Virginia and Mississippi. I pray they lead the nation to another era of time when those in the womb are not made the scapegoats of the world and of every wicked and corrupt Politician.

Gloria Poole, RN; at my apt in Missouri; 1-July-2012; 6:30pm