Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I read in the news yesterday that the evil organization named Planned Parenthood has filed suit against another state--the state of Arizona, trying to force Arizona citizens to allow it to get money from their state coffers. I DESPISE Planned Parenthood. It is morally repugnant, being on a worst level of genocide of innocents than the Hitler reign of terror in Germany [as history recorded it--I was not born then.]

Planned Parenthood has no medical authority in my opinion. And over the course of the 26 yrs I worked as a RN [ I have current license still but not employable in it secondary to trauma] I never heard any decent good medical doctor refer anyone to a horrible abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood's business is killing. It is evil. There is no excuse for it because medical science sufficiently established the humanity/personhood of the human baby in the womb of a human mother decades ago.

The play-dead-about-obstetrics-and-neonatalogy of the Congresses since the infamous Roe v Wade decision is as appalling to me, as the fact of the gassing to death of the jews by medical doctors in Germany that brought on World War II [read The Nazi Doctors by Robert Lifton, MD. How those people in Congress can look themselves in the eyes in their mirror or hold their heads up in their hometowns, or sleep at night is beyond comprehension. The only way I think they could is that they collectively have no conscience.

Planned Parenthood is not a respectable business; and abortionists are not considered to be good medical practitioners by real medical doctors who have the goals of saving lives. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing, sucking down mega $$$$ from the federal and state governments of states like NY and California, slaughtering babies with less mercy than cows or goats to slaughter get. It is an outrageous "business" and personally I pray GOD raises up some MEN with the courage to defy it openly, completely, absolutely and commit to GOD to destroy it and all of its killing fields.It is absolutely evil.

Remember that these opinions of mine are based on 26 yrs in career work as Registered Nurse, and on my knowledge of the Bible. I do not have an employer, and I speak for myself always, and always have. I do not have an agent of any sort, nor does anyone have power of attorney over me. My words are my own, and you may quote me as long as you quote me word for word and attribute my words to me. {Aside for legal documentation:I do however have copyrights on my works of art I create, whether or not I post them to a blog somewhere. I have several blogs and I do add my photos of my created works of art [drawn,sketched, painted by me, photographed by me] to some of them. I have several cameras also and upload from several methods. I also have done some cartooning for specific purposes.}

My points summed up are: 1) that Planned Parenthood should not have a business license. 2) Nor should their "practitioners" have medical licenses since licensing them would be state approved murders of innocent citizens. 3) Nor should they have IRS tax-exempt status since that is supposed to be for bona-fide charities. The premeditated murders in the womb of future citizens is NOT charitable activities.

For those who are believers in The Living Lord Jesus please pray that HE will end the heinous gruesome murders in the wombs of women; that women will know the truth about how offensive to GOD abortion is; that men will fight for their offspring and demand that their seed/offspring be given life; and that if need be, they will take up arms to end the widespread in every state slaughter houses of the preborn.

Read these scriptures and pray to know the will of GOD in this matter: Exodus 20:13, KJV, Jeremiah 1::5; Psalms 113:9,Psalms 115:14,Matthew 18:14, John 10:10,John 14:6,Psalms 106:36-43;in King James Holy bible. There are more scriptures on the matter of human life but these will get you started discerning the heart of GOD toward those tiniest of His creations, that is those in the womb.

Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri;7:40am;18-July-201