Thursday, May 5, 2011

USDoJ: have you redefined word 'justice' to mean ?????

Well.the world has heard y now how Obama says he had Osama killed but there was no witness of that by any of 'embedded" press there, nor is there any body [a very important element in criminal investigations of establishing where's the body] and nor any there any photos of that. Now, I am asking you Americans to apply some common sense to this sitatuon. Do you honestly think that a man who was on the nation's 'most wanted list' for a decade when he was killed or captured it would not be news FROM the Press about it; other than an Obama says sort of PR statement? And do you honestly think Navy Seals killed Osama--is there an ocean in Afghanistan? I don't think so. The NAVY is trained to the ocean. Obama is telling another enormous lie to boost his campaign ratings with naive people.
Also, ask yourself if the entire Muslim faith has changed to not regard the body of one of their own as deserving of honor and a muslim burial? That would be so out-of-character for them that is not believable. Obama is lying .
Also ask yourself this: if he was telling the truth and he ordered a man who had not been formally charged with a crime,not tried in any court, not found guilty [he was not in those airplanes that hit the Twin Towers, nor was any Afghani citizen [if I remember news correctly fro that time]; not allowed 'due process' not allowed to defend himself, and not armed. Doesn't sending a team to destroy the 'enemy of America' amount to the same heinous event in the Arab world as when the saudis sent a team to destroy 'enemy America" @ World Trade Center with a planned plane-attack? I am not proud of those tactics if Obama really did them,but I don't think he did but that he lied. He lied and has no photos because i did not happen. It was a cooked-up scheme to let a fellow muslim [Osama bin Ladin] off the hook while duping America and boosting his own political ratings-- to boost his political traction for reelection since he has lost all believability when he ordered the state of Missouri to be flooded by dynamiting the Mississippi River, and by now ordering the so-called Justice Dept to take on the fake crime of private bowl sponsorships of privately owned sports teams.
Kenyan-King-Obama is showing his true colors. If he killed Osama unarmed then he is no better than Osama was; and if he duping America with his Pied Piper lies then he is scum.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 10:28am;5-May-2011