Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Muslims Did Take-Over America After All

I read the headlines this morning about the U S Supreme Court's decision to allow law enforcement to break into a home if they hear noises and or suspect evidence is being destroyed. That is more proof of the lawlessness of the Obama regime. Obama broke ALL US law concerning justice for those accused of a crime when he sent armed [according to his statement,not witnessed by any news agency or journalist] men to kill an unarmed man in his bed. And when that man had not ever been formally charged with a crime y any US Court, or tried in any court in US or elsewhere, or allowed to present a defense, or allowed to question his accusers, or allowed to present evidence supporting his defense, or give testimony. Osama was treated the same way by the US President [a muslim] that the Americans at the World Trade Center were treated by the Saudi citizens of that plane attack. Summed up it was a declaration of an enemy by a lawless man, the training of paid assassins, the sneak attack that also killed others, and the jubilant celebration for political gain, the exact same way the muslims around the world celebrated as they saw the twin towers fall, and burn and people running for their lives.
The fact that most people in the US according to the news celebrated the lawless approach of Obama as a 'victory" emboldened the U S Supreme Court to try to dispense with the 4th Amendment too, since Obama tried to dispense with the Amendments about how an accused person is supposed to be handled in the U. S. [Several amendments cover this,read them!].
Of course, you know that I believe in a written law that the citizens know and could rely upon [The Constitution]; and of course you probably also know that I believe Obama to have the goals of a tyrannical murderous "leader" since he has tried to, by a stroke of a pen, force thousands of communist sort of power grabs onto the people ; such as:
1) labeling those who don't buy insurance they have no faith in, as criminals to be hauled into court and assessed huge fines to pay rich lawyers like Obama; and
2) has laid a plan to murder millions of innocents in the womb at taxpayer expense [his "reform' of health care to prenatal killing, and withholding of antibiotics from the sick of a certain age, and the withholding of diagnostic tests for political enemies, etc]; and
3) sent a team to kill a man not charged with a crime [ a political assassination to boost his political ratings amongst the lawless]; and
4) has encouraged the Supreme Court to suspend the 4th Amendment .The ruling of yesterday I think stated they could break in and seize whatever. If law enforcement hears noises in a dwelling that sounds like evidence being destroyed but does not define that. Is that paper tearing? because primary school children rip papers out of their notebooks or off drawings all the time. And so do artists who sketch . And designers of clothing, costumes, theatre sets, writers, journalists. Or is that flushing the toilet since those who are not drug addicts also flush the toilet. Deleting files off a computer is virtually silent . So what noises give the law enforcement the right to kick in your door ? What are the American people going to do about this far-reaching usurpation of Constitutional authority by the Supreme Court? Impeach them I hope?
The reason I selected that title is to call attention to the fact that the death of Obama at the hands of a lawless President who is more akin to the Saudi muslims than to the Americans since he was born in Kenya and raised in muslim Indonesia, has accomplished what the deeds of Osama didn't. Osama's death gave the wicked in America a taste of blood and it emboldened Obama to dispense with U S Constitution. The events of the past 10 days have suspended all protections of the Amendments including the right to life, the right to the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair and speedy trial if accused of a crime,the right to self-defense, the right to own property [the health care "reform' takes away your property [money] without representation, and the right to protections if innocent [defined in US law as not being guilty of a crime charged with, but is defined differently in GOD's law of The Holy Bible as being innocent of sins before GOD].
I never 'liked' Obama because his politics are evil. He has tried to capture through weasel ways or laws the entire computer industry, and the internet the better to control the news,and to change votes electronically so they favor him; and to spin his version of truth. Come on , did you really think that if the man the nation had been pursuing in the longest war in the history of America were assassinated the press would not take a photo of that ?
Obama is a liar, and a murderer, the same as Osama was accused of. Obama declared Osama the enemy of America all by himself without involving the Congress, who has the only authority to declare war, or Court system or Judges. Obama assassinated Osama if indeed that happened since there ws no body as proof. Political assassinations are not the American way of justice but Obama and H Clinton have made it their modus operandi since there were several political assassinations in the US: Judge Rollo in Arizona, that PR woman in California, that democratic party person gunned down at his office, and one before that also gunned down for knowing too much about Hillary.
America, wake up before the iron curtain is put up over America, A baby was searched at an airport recently. When is enough violations of US law by the President and Congress enough?
Gloria Poole;@ my apt in Missouri; 17-May-2011;6:50 am