Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking Over IMF is why Strauss-Kahn is Prosecuted

I read several articles in the news today about the differences in the US' handling of the alleged event of Strauss-Kahn and the hotel maid, and the way the French would have handled it. Let me preface my remarks with these facts so you know what the liberals would call my 'bias' upfront,head-on,straightaway: I am a woman, an educated woman with a college degree, a professional status and a long career history that was virtually destroyed by a violent man on cocaine, whom the state of Colorado knew without a doubt was on cocaine [if they did the mandatory drug testing ordered by Judges there] and who knew his 25 yr history of law-breaking and violence much better than I did since they concealed his records . I know beyond a shadow of doubt that neither the federal government or the state governments normally prosecute men who seriously hurt white women because I told , in person and in writing in about 5 Courts of law, that those events happened, to a total of 5 different Judges and Judges and their responses were : 1) divorce court is not the place to deal with domestic violence; and 2) if you want to be taken seriously,hire a lawyer, and 3) why didn't he kill you ? [not spoken but it came through loud and clear with one Judge]. My then-husband's entire punishment was 2 days in jail, a mandatory attendance at a class to talk about himself, and a fine to the system. Because he is democratic-socialist and hates Christians, and prolifers and so he became the tool with the permission of the several governments to harass, ruin me for being prolife and opposing the mega industry of killing tiny humans in the womb, with words, writing, and paintings.
Now here is the way I see the events of the Strauss-Kahn prosecution in NY:
It was a chance for Obama and Eric Holder both black men to seize control of the IMF. Obama is a King for Africa not a President for the US. When Obama's grandmother in Kenya was threatened US security forces started protecting her in Kenya. Is that a function of US taxpayers? NO.
And when Juanita Broderick accused Bill Clinton of rape it was totally swept under the rug. And when Monica Lewsinsky was in an position equal to 'chambermaid' of the White House, and forced to commit s-e-xual gratification for Bill Clinton as a condition of employment, was Bill Clinton prosecuted and handcuffed; and ruined? NO.
Is there a double standard--one for African emigrants who might be kin to Obama and a different tier of "protection" for white women who are not from Africa, not Democrat,not muslim? YES.
I am sure the entire even would not happened at all if Strauss-Kahn's name had not sounded Jewish, and if he had not been white, and if he had not been head of an international agency that controls money around the world. Whether or not he did what he is accused of, I do not know. I am also sure that what passes-off as 'news' in the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the so-called mainstream presses is only campaign-pumping-up of the 'champagne socialists' {Obama-H Clinton] as one of those articles called them.
The so-called Justice Dept in America does not prosecute real terrorists--they assassinate them in their beds. And they do not abide by/adhere to/follow the real written Constitution but try to suspend it Amendment by Amendment. That event would not have made the news in any other situation if the maid had been white, if Strauss-Kahn had been an ordinary American without deep pockets, or if not an agency head of a powerful world agency handling money [Obama's god is money], or if the maid had been a professional career woman, or and not a black emigrant [is she legal?] The articles are a pump up to Obama's reelection campaign and a chance for him to ge control of the IMF. I am sure he is laughing his head off. But there is a Judgment Day coming to America; and I believe as I believe the Bible to be true that Obama will face an angry GOD for his support of sodomy sin and legalization of it, and for his promotion of so-called ' gay' s-e-x but whichGOD calls abomination in Leviticus 18:22 [horrible perversions against natural use of human bodies leading to disease and death]; and his grievous deeds against the unborn/preborn tiny humans to slaughter them in mass numbers as genocide of an entire class -the unborn generations of America.
Gloria Poole, @my apt in Missouri; 6:47am;21-May-2011