Saturday, May 14, 2011

100% Sure Paypal is Corrupt

I am 100% sure that Paypal is corrupt. I have had a five yr long question mark about them, but today I am certain they are corrupt. This is how I know that:
1) they have a 'click-through" in their url address; and
2) they put cookies of " on my computer to duplicate a payment w/ plan to steal one of the payments but my anti-fraud protection caught it; and
3) they put cookies '" on my computer; [ a cms is a content management system that is full of holes into security and worthless as software];
4) their support people from inside unset my security protections;
and 5) changed my email address backwards to the email I had changed to try to get control of my acct while logged into my acct;
6) they allow unauthorized persons access to my acct; and those persons are known felons in the state of Colorado [and I live in Missouri];
7) they told me payment denied but bank said it was authorized and gave me the auth code;
8) they are controlled politically by liars,thieves and reprobates;
9) they do not respond appropriately when questioned about these problems;
10) and they disabled the security token required to login to make it easy for criminals to login from remote without authority.
IF you have a bank card,credit card or checking acct on Paypal you better login in and remove it ASAP.
11) And they do these things, then screen pops up and wants you to add your bank acct to them . HA!!!! AS IF!!!!!
NO WAY NO HOW. I do not do business with criminals,fraudsters and crooks.And never did. At least not willingly or intentionally. Sadly I was married a second time to a fraudster,felon,cocaine addict but honestly I did not know him well and was sort of coerced into it ; but divorced from him now [since Oct 2007] and thank GOD for that. So, women learn from my mistake--get a background check on anyone you intend to marry--don't be fooled by slick talking con-men.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 14-May-2011;3:12pm

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 3:09pm;14-May-2011