Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate: NO to Obama's plan to divide US;Warn wicked

Senate: this is my open letter asking you to remember that the plan of Obama to divide and conquer the US Military by turning them against each other so that homosexuals are fighting heterosexuals instead of the enemies of the US, will destroy America. The divide and conquer scheme is the devil's oldest tactic. The first recorded time he used it was when he hissed to Eve in the Garden of Eden that she could defy GOD and live. What the devil-serpent did not tell her was that by defying GOD and eating from the tree GOD told her not to eat from she introduced sin into the Garden and she introduced death physically and death of the soul [in hell] and death as a generational curse [since one of her sons killed another of her sons also being disobedient to GOD].
GOD told Moses to tell the men that having sex with men is abomination to GOD. The exact words are in Leviticus 18:22, King James Holy Bible.And in Romans chapter one of same Bible beginning with verse 18 [summed up] it says the wrath of GOD is revealed against those who worship the created human more than The Creator GOD. Those in Congress who are wanting to throw away America to appease an element that is not one percent of the population are not only fools but evil fools who think "they can" defy GOD and get away with it. But in the last verse of Romans chapter one it says the end result of those is death. I encourage you to read those scriptures for yourself because some people don't believe anything they read in a blog. Read Romans 1: 18-32 King James Holy Bible. And also read Galatians 6:7 which is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked."
I beleive the Word of GOD as written in The Holy Bible to be true and because of that, I believe if the US Senate legalizes sodomy as a 'right' trying to defy and mock GOD, it will destroy the US Senate and the nation of the United States by the deeds of GOD HIMSELF.
The Bible says to warn the wicked and this is my attempt to do that. Senate, do not legalize sodomy or homsexuality in any form, or wording or trick method. You will collectively and individually answer to GOD if you do.
Gloria Missouri;8:55am;18/Dec/2010
Update @ 9:21am;
i logged back in to add this info. I know for certain that homosexaul/bisexual men are terrorists and are reprobate in their minds because I unwittingly married a seond time a man who was bisexual. I did not know he was bisexual and he moved more to being totally homosexual after marrying. It seemed the marriage was merely a ruse by him to gain financially. I am divorced from him now since Oct 2007 and thank GOD and resumed my maiden name via court order in Arapahoe Count Colorado, and moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. My point is homosexual men,[ and I have no experience with homosexual women and thank GOD, but the Bible says they are the same reprobates in Romans chapter one verses 26-30 as referenced above], are not like heterosexual men at all. Sodomite men and homosexual women are described in verses 29 -31 as "being without natural affection" , "implacable","full of envy" murderous,unrighteous,unmerciful--not the sort of persons you want to find yourself in close encounters with--they are sort of like the devil. I barely survived my encounter with the devil and but for GOD, I'd be dead. Do not unleash that evil on the military that is supposed to defend the nation.