Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Plan to Improve Meds against Malaria

I read an article this morning in the BBC news for Africa [I read all news,all countries,generally speaking or headelines only sometimes,] about a plan being developed to provide a way for people in Niger and Ghana to know for certain if medicines they bought for malaria,are authentic. The real ones would have a scratch-off code printed on the prescription label that could be texted to the pharmaceutical company-maker and they would reply back if real medicine or placebo sold as real medicine. This is close to home to me since my youngest daughter
Leigh served in one of the West African nations in the Peace Corps and had to take anti-malarials while there for two years. Once when I talked to her via telephone, she said that fake medicines were a big problem there and that what is called a clinic there in certain areas is not remotely what Americans envision when we hear that word. And that she was worried ,and then of course, I was very worried too.

Before she went to there years before in fact, when I lived in Falls Church Virginia, and was told by the Episcopal Church there that they were sending 'medical volunteers' to dispense medicines and to take medicines to Africa, and I asked how that is possible since volunteers are not allowed to dispense medicines in the US [requires licensure of some sort: MD,RN,RPh] their reply was that it was allowed because a mission/charity. I was appalled that there would be a total removal of standards of care simply because a mission effort was funding it, and said so. Of course, that put me in disfavor with the Episcopal Church there. Nevertheless, it is still my concern that Africa needs a HIGHER standard of care than America in all cases because of the AIDS/HIV prevalent there, the malaria risks, the endemic poverty,the emaciation of many of their people which leads to many problems including how the liver detoxifies medicines, and the immune system.

The article in the BBC today shows some companies are combatting some of the problems of mercenaries and charlatans in Africa.

Also, speaking of charlatans, I fear that is also happening in the US' Social Security System. I am anti-drug generally speaking,meaning I do not believe in pain medicines that knock a person out except DURING general anesthesia, nor do I believe in mind-altering drugs. I have avoided those like the bubonic plague. I cannot get caught up in addicting substances or have my ability to think controlled by chemicals. I am supposed to take anti-seizure meds however and because of that, I considered signing up for the disability drug plan through Social Security. The reason I am telling you the public this is because that drug plan seems to be secretive. I have gone through several steps to find the information about it-- about the premiun for it, and what it covers. I asked at the Soc Security office who told me to call a number and I called the number and got a recording., left message, and 'volunteer' called me back wanting my SSN, and I said no way. I was told then the premium depended upon what zip code I live in, and that I would have to wait on another volunteer to call me back. I decided if the premium is secretive and or rigged so that some people [depending maybe on political party you are in??] pay more than others I would not sign up for such a suspicious program. I want to stay alive and I want to have honest people who work for Social Security to answer my questions and not unknown 'volunteers' calling me from 800 number asking for my SSN.

I am always anxious about any medicine since I have had some very bad adverse reactions to prescription medicines in the past, but to put my information and or medical history and or future medical needs into the hands of a volunteer sounds like voodoo medicine to me--some of that version of ObamaCare from Indonesia's witch doctors. I do not want Obama controlling my medicines nor his spies.
I want real doctors who promote life and real Pharmacists when I need medicines.
Gloria Poole,RN;7:32am;21/Dec/2010