Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank GOD for good Judge Henry Hudson of VA

Today I read this article written by Betsy McCaughey in the Wall St Journal :
about the lawsuit filed by the State of Virginia against the ObamaCare usurpation of authority of the true written law of the U S and that is the Constitution.
I quote from that article:
"Judge Hudson ruled that the court must do what Congress failed to do—apply the Constitution." And again:
"On Monday, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson got serious. He denied Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the state of Virginia challenging the new health law. His ruling stated that it is far from certain Congress has the authority to compel Americans to buy insurance and penalize those who don't. " [end quote]
This ruling means the case of the state of Virginia will move forward possibly and probably to the Supreme Court, to decide the issue of whether there is any Constitutional authority for Congress to force citizens to buy anything. [There is not --it would require a Constitutional Amendment and that ObamaFakeCare bill did not amend the Constitution and was not ratified by the people themselves which is what is required to amend the Constitution. Read the Constitution!
The Constitution is not similar to that phony bill of Obama-Pelosi-Clinton socialists in the fact that it is about 10 pages long and the fake reform bill [it was intended to reform the type of government the US has from a republic to a socialist nation] is about 2300 pages give or take a few pages [last news report of it]. The provisions of it were not made public until after it was voted on, and there was a whole lot of arm-twisting, deal-making, corruption, bought votes going on to get it to Obama's desk for his signature.
I am so glad there is a US District Court Judge in Virginia that knows the Constitution. What a miracle for the nation. PRAY he has the wisdom of GOD to do what is right for this nation and not what is right for the wicked in power in Congress who were only serving themselves when they wrote that bill and strong-armed it into public law. I pray every lawsuit against the Socialist rewrite of the nation goes forward and that the Constitution prevails and that is protects the citizens and not the dividends from abortuaries and 'investments' into killing innocents of career politicians.
Also the good state of Missouri voted against ObamaCare.
See article at
I quote from that article:
"Missouri voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a key provision
of President Barack Obama's health care law.." and also
"Missouri's law prohibits the government from requiring people to have
health insurance or from penalizing them from paying for their own
health care. That would conflict with a federal requirement that
most people have health insurance or face penalties starting in 2014."
To change topic but on the topic of Judges and I think Kagan would be a horrible Judge--ruinous to the nation.
And about Kagan, just vote NO to her. She is bad for the nation for these reasons:
1) she is against the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb;
2) she wrote the policy that upheld that evil of infanticide euphemistically labeled by her as 'partial birth abortion' killing for a long time and she was the legal defense of that ungodly B Clinton including probably for his sexual harassment case involving Monica Lewinsky. That should have caused him to be removed from office but she wheeled and dealed to try to cover his crimes.
3) She is against the second amendment of the Constitution that allows citizens to own guns and protect themselves from invasion by unauthorized agents of governments invading one's home place and or from criminals breaking into one's home. The NRA also vehemently opposes her for that reason.
4) She is a cohort of Obama aka Berry --enough said about that. His activities speak for his belief systems or lack of.
5) She is in the pocket --the puppet of Planned Parenthood and Center for Reproductive [killing] evil so-called 'rights."
6) Her agenda for the nation is ruinous.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:22 AM, 3-Aug-2010
Update at 9:05AM after reading more of the news and discovering that there is not anything in the NY Times about the decision by Judge Henry Hudson to allow the challenge to Obama to go forward. It is not a real surprise to me however since the NY Times is very much controlled by The District of Columbia [Washington DC] politics and gerry-mandering ,and election rigging,and vote buying.
Also to add this because it is a very ominous sign of the way the current administration is headed and trying to do that secretly since this is from the BBC News and not from any newspaper in the USA:
There is a particularly troubling bit of news in the BBC today about
whether the US government has the authority to put a US citizen's name
on a list to 'capture or kill' without due process for the person so
accused. It seems the citizen is accused of crimes and I am not excusing that
but there is a process to follow and listing them on a 'capture or kill"
directive and bypassing all forms of due process is wrong. The article is at:
I quote from the article about the goals of the lawsuit in this situation
that is brought by the American Civil Liberties Union. I do not agree
with them on much but on the amendments collectively called due process,
I do agree that U S citizens have those rights. Citizens charged with crimes have the Constitutional 'right' to "due process" including the right to face and question their accusers, to defend themselves and state
their side of the story, to present evidence in their case that proves
their situation, to have witnesses testify on their behalf, and to appeals.
These rights are in what is called the bill of rights--amendments to
the US Constitution so read them there. I summarized them.
The quote from that article in BBC about the purpose of the ACLU lawsuit
against the government:
"..but rather to have the CIA "articulate the legal standard under which the government
can target Americans for killing without trial, charge, or conviction".
9:04 AM 8/4/2010
Update at 10:11 after I tried to add my comments to what was apparently was a tracking trick of NBC [I did not know that until they tried to lock down my computer and prevent me from posting my prolife comments to their fake forum that apparently is intended to steal info from private computers. The fake forum to steal your info so avoid it, is at : on It is clearly a trick. Be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing the Bible says. I am telling you it is not a legitimate site.
And here are the comments that they censored that I am adding here since I document every time a major news station or newspapers censors me for being prolife.
My comments exactly to the article about 34 billionaires giving away half their fortunes are:
I know of this because it was on Charlie Rose. I think IF it is given to good causes, it is a marvelous thing. IF however it is giving to those fake charities that kill tiny humans it is a bad thing and would have the potential to annihilate the human race.

Also, I know that most of the world's major battles were not won with tons of money, but with a few absolutely committed-to-the-cause humans who would never relent under any duress, persecution, or impoverishment. Think of Gandhi's methods of freeing India. Think of the American Revolution won by George Washington with a handful of ragged, desperately poor and hungry men absolutely committed to the cause of liberty for the colonies. The sort of money of 34 billionaires giving to select causes is mind-boggling. I pray it is for good causes and not evil, and that the groups selected to receive that money are not in the killing industries in any way.

Gloria Poole, RN of Missouri. 10:20AM,3-Aug-2010