Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Real Game-Changer for Internet

In the Reuter's news this afternoon is a report written by Grant McCool about US Federal Judge Denny Chin of the Southern District of NY, allowing the Baidu case to go forward. That case is Baidu v and is No 10-444 on the Southern District of NY Court docket. Baidu alleges that allowed an intruder/impersonator to get their confidential information and use it to vandalize the Baidu files and computers. They are as far as I know the first company to be able to sue for failure of a registrar to implement the usual standard of protection of client's information, and secure methods of protecting their clients from cybercrime which I define as breaking into accounts and vandalism [theft] of records and files, and in some cases money and names/identities.

I am glad to read this news. I think it is time for such legal proceedings in the US since dozens if not hundreds of companies have been vandalized, looted, ruined by such tactics by registrars. I am one of those since my accts were hijacked last year in similar ways, and also my Network Solutions were also hijacked this year in the same method as Baidu described in their lawsuit. Whether the same people hijacked my accounts I am not sure, but the same method was utilized, and money was looted from me,and also websites,and intellectual properties [my original paintings, sketches, drawings, and genre photograph, and original poems, essays, articles written by me, painted by me, sketched by me,drawn by me, and photographed by me, were all stolen from me]. And I am certain that and Network Solutions staff helped the cybercriminals steal my accounts.
So I am glad to see that Baidu is bringing a challenge to dishonest registrars on the internet. I will be watching to see what happens in their case. I am praying that they win and that they set a precedence for those who were ruined by cybercriminals breaking into internet accounts to be able to sue at the law and recover monetary damages sufficient enough to restart their companies and regain what they lost.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 2:24 PM, 22-July-2010