Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Judge Lamberth hold fast to stopping slaughter of innocents.

I am absolutely opposed to the so-called research on human embryoes that were forcefully removed from the womb by assassins and chopped into pieces and then smashed/ground up like hamburger to smear their cells on agar plates. It is cannabalism, it is inhumane and it is disgusting. I am sure that those who kill with premeditation and deliberate intent will go to hell and I say the sooner the better for the human race.
And I am glad, very glad that Judge Lamberth has knowledge of the true laws and I am glad he is bold enough to make the fake scientists retreat and stop the slaughter of innocents. And I am praying that GOD HIMSELF emboldens him and holds him up to withstand the onslaught by the wicked and the ngos that kill for money.
And I think as a Registered Nurse of many years, that if any person would swallow any drug made from killed humans that they deserve hell too.
And here are opinions of other Christians:
",,, the ruling [by Judge Lamberth that embryonic stem cell research violates the public law ] drew praise from the Alliance Defense Fund, a group of Christian attorneys who helped with the lawsuit filed by two researchers against the administration rules.

"The American people should not be forced to pay for experiments — prohibited by federal law — that destroy human life," said Steven H. Aden, the group's senior legal counsel. "The court is simply enforcing an existing law passed by Congress that prevents Americans from paying another penny for needless research on human embryos."

Also, I ask you to research the Nuremberg Code of International law regarding research on humans, that was accepted by all nations [as far as I know] after the trials that brought the killers of the Nazi regime to justice. And ask yourself these questions in regard to those laws:
1) how could a tiny, defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force [abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from], give informed consent to be slaughtered?
2) How could a tiny defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force, do what is necessary to halt destructive 'research' on the self?
3) How could a tiny, defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force [abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from], raise their hands against the assassins of abortionists and so-called [but phony] scientists who kill for the millions they get in federal research money?
4) How could a tiny defenseless human in them womb or removed from it by force,[via abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from] lobby
in Congress to stop the premeditated slaughter by the millions of the class of humans known collectively as embryoes and fetuses?
And then remind yourself it is UP TO YOU to stand in the gap, to make your protest loud and clear, to fight against those who are determined to destroy the human race from off the planet and those who think that animals should inherit the earth and humans be destroyed! IT IS UP TO YOU to make a difference.
Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Colorado but living in Missouri; 7:45AM, 25-Aug-2010; at my aprt in Missouri;
Updated on 5-Sept-2010 at my apt in Missouri to re-add this info:
has medical photos of tiny humans in amniotic sacs [bag of waters as it is commonly called.]
Also see:
Update on 8-Sept-2010 at 5:08 PM with the news that the evil Obama administration is
trying to force the destruction of human embryoes by filing an appeal after Judge Lamberth refused to allow funding of destruction of human embryoes. The case info is:
"The case is Sherley v. Sebelius, 09-cv-1575, U.S. District Court,
District of Columbia, and 10-5287,
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (Washington)."
The Obama administration filed an appeal to try to force the destruction of
human embryoes in the fake name of research.Obama does not think of himself as President but as a false god apparently. He is a false god because there is only one GOD and it is not him, and THE GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill' and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13. Remember how stubborn Pharoah
was when the Jews were in Egypt?
Obama has to be defeated.
5:02 PM 9/8/2010