Monday, August 16, 2010

Never get an Olympus digital camera-allows theft ur photos

I was given an Olympus camera as a gift for Christmas of 2008. But I did not know it had a back door to criminals as part of the camera. Every time I transfer my original photos from my camera to my PC, photos are stolen by criminals at a remote location who are not authorized on any thing of mine, and not authorized to log in to my computer from anywhere. Today an entire album was stolen from my PC as I was transferring them from the 'storage' portion of the camera to my PC. This is a public notice/warning that most of the originals are still on my camera and are also on my repository site at So if you try to sell them, you will be caught and prosecuted.
Gloria Poole; at my aprt in Missouri; 8:54PM,16-Aug-2010;
Updated next am after realizing that I should have added more about this:
my sketches I sketch are also on my repository sites
and the main one is
and my pen/inks, pencil drawings are on my repository site at:
and my paintings I paint are on several sites of mine but my main repository site is:
and on other repository sites and websites, and blogs also with a list of some of them on my main site at and also on my name site at
And my grown daughters {Jennifer and Leigh] and their families' photos are stored in other places also.
And I have the original sketches, drawings and paintings I created, and I have my photos backed up to a physical disc in my possession in secure place. The point is, I could prove that the photos represent my own photographing and my own family and my own originals I create. So stealing them will not help you and it would probably land you in a prison for cybercrime, theft of children's photos, theft of intellectual properties, theft of photos of my 'career' as such as an artist's body of work spanning decades,theft of identities.
And I called the FBI,and submitted a written complaint to them, just so you know. I am not devious.
Gloria Poole,at my aprt in Missouri, 7:13AM, 17-Aug-2010
Update again with more info since the photos involve my flesh and blood daughters [Jennifer and Leigh] and their families and also my photography websites' integrity.
You may see documentation of my photography on my main site at And you may see the actual photos at these sites that are specific genre sorted photos:
and I have also added them to some of my spaces blogs including:
and maybe other sites/blogs also.
This is well-known about me and I began photographing when I worked as a stringer for the St Simons Island Georgia Newspaper.Then I continued it as a hobby, and to paint from the photos but thought the public might enjoy seeing them also. But I own the photographs and my paintings, sketches, drawings, and my images of me and I own the copyrights to them also. It is also well known about me that I paint as an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, tempera,goauche, powdered pastels,and create sketches with pen/inks, pencils, charcoals, oil pastels. I have also created a few computer-generated graphics on my computer and they are on another website of mine at: They are quite different from the paintings, sketches, and drawings that I do by hand, as you will see if you compare the sites.
It is also well-known about me that I am a registered nurse for as many years as I am an artist. Actually I began the art work before nursing because I took mechanical drawing in high school years ago.
This is not about vanity or ego but about protecting the integrity of my name and my created works that belong to me and that I own the copyright of, and that were created by me for me [the photos on my websites/blogs were not ever as any sort of paid work for anyone but belong to me exclusively.] I like sharing my created works but that is not permission to steal them. Copyrighted intellectual properties have legal protection around the world. FYI.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 8:38AM, 17-Aug-2010