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Ruled page sketch and experiment#3 making ink by me Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse, artist of/in Missouri

This is a sketch I drew with inktense [one of seven] on a sketch pad I had on my bed to write notes about things I thought of suddenly. It is ruled silk paper and is 5 x 6 inches in size. I drew a series of these tiny sketches on that paper over 2 nights. I drew it, washed over it with water on a brush, signed it,photographed it, uploaded it,and posted it today 17 Feb 2016 at 10:20am. Also, I photographed the page where I was testing my third batch of ink I made as I am experimenting with ways to make ink using products I would normally throw away or household staples items.Scroll down to see it. Copyright.

This is the page I was testing the third batch of ink I made. I began with about 25 used tea bags and put them in enough water to cover, then boiled them about 8 minutes. Then strained them and brushed the tea water over paper. It stained the paper a light beige, and that was not easily visible. So, I added a mixture of Borax solution [Sodium tetraborate] of 2 parts Borax to 24 parts water to help preserve mixture while I experimented some more. I then added the brown made by boiling 1 fresh tea bag to it, which didn't darken it much. So, I decided to add the used coffee grounds from breakfast to it, so I put them in enough water to cover, boiled them, strained it, added it to mixture. That didn't darken it enough to make it easily visible. So, I scraped about 2 tablespoons chalk of the color chestnut into it to see if it would make it a redder brown. It did very slightly. By this time I have almost a quart jar of brown liquid. So I decided to press ahead with experiment. I had about half cup of black liquid watercolor [which can be made from charred wood which many places in world have in fire pit] that was in jar leftover from when I had mixed too much of it before, so I added that to it. I tested the "ink" again and it produced a gunmetal grey color on paper. I painted a page with the "ink" and let it dry and went to bed.

The next morning,after it had dried, I decided I didn't like that color of "ink" so continued experiment. I put probably 1/2 cup 91% isopropyl alcohol [ a solvent, but also a first aid disinfectant] into it to help preserve it even more and to make ink stain permanent. I tested it again. The "ink" was darker but faint so I decided it needed something else. I added 3 gtts [medical abbrev for drops] red, 4 gtts yellow and 3 gtts green of food colors in a separate cup using their recipe to make brown, then added it to the mix. Still not dark enough when I retested it. So added same formula two times more. It looks much darker in jar but not that much darker on paper. So I added 1/3 of a 12 cc new tube of "Van Dyke brown" watercolor to it and retested it. Almost dark enough. Added two long squeezes from tube watercolor from Van Dyke brown to it, til half of 12 cc tube of watercolor was in jar. I stirred it well, tested it again. Finally, it is dark enough and does not wash off with water! So, I consider it a successful experiment. I drew with it as you see on this paper. Those are my fingers on the edge of the experiment page. Copyrighted. I did not make it very plain what my goal is in doing this so I logged back in and also corrected several typos. My gaol for these experiments in to produce a reliable, permanent, easily reproducible ink so that any person in any country of the world could make ink to write letters, correspondence, pleas for help, thank you notes, replies to officials, etc, using ink they made from products or substances they have on hand. Tea leaves are available as far as I can tell from researching in virtually every country of the world. so using the used tea bags to make writing ink makes perfect sense to me to help the very poor countries. The other ingredients such as black liquid watercolor could be made by grinding charred wood and mixing it with water. In fact, that is precisely how the watercolor "lamp black' is made commercially. And coffee grounds are also available in most countries of the world. I THINK isopropyl [also known as rubbing alcohol, but in different ratio] alcohol which is used by hospitals everywhere is also available very reasonably in almost all countries of world. For the record, I have/buy commercial ink(s) several brandds for my own use and I use it often in various colors and I also buy paints, watercolors, gouche, tempera, oil paints, pencils, pens, etc on regular basis. My idea is to find a way, i.e. develop a proven formula that anyone anywhere could make a substantial quantity of ink using easily sourced products. After my experiment is complete I have 32 ounces of "ink" so I consider it a worthwhile goal. If I can do this, others can do it also and make suitable ink to write homework for poor students in any country, and or people applying for "micro-loans" to start a small business. I hope it will help many people around the world. I probably will continue to experiment with this idea. I also posted my first experiment with making ink to this same blog.

Also, I see the stats from Google on all blogs of mine, and I have viewers/ readers/ followers in these countries: US; Spain; Germany; France; Sweden; Mexico; Romania; Russia; United Arab Emirates; Norway; Canada; Poland; India; Portugal; Czech Republic; United Kingdom; Ireland; Ukraine; Belgium; China; Indonesia; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Greece; Phillippines; Pakistan; Kenya; Azerbaijan; and Morocco so I thank all of you publicly for considering my art I make and my words worth you time!

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Also, again, much thanks to my viewers of art I create and readers of words I write in the 28 countries that view this blog. I make note of the stats on each blog and some viewers of other blogs do not view this blog so I am not sure what the difference is. I think it may be that they do not recognize the telephone numbers I put on some blogs as mine but I do have telephones from 3 different companies because threats were made to my life by my 2nd exhusband [initials DBP] who tried four times to kill me during years 2003-2006. I am very cautious and do not want him following me on twitter or sending me emails or communicating with me in any way. He has a mandatory restraining order against him. FYI.

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