Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines's day world, made by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri.

.I made this with paper, scissors, paint, dip pen w/ calligraphy tip, paint brush and acrylic paint and waterproof ink. I drew the heart shape with a graphite pencil to begin with, then decided to cut it out of the paper,and attached flower appliques, then painted it, signed it, photographed it on my portable drawing board, uploaded it, enlarged it to original size, and posted it. I did not want it to be perfectly symmetrical so I made the shape a bit different. Copyrighted. All copyrights apply. I enlarged this on purpose. I include by legal reference all symbols, seals, copyrights, disclosure statements, ownership statements, symbols, flags, and copyright notices on previous post and any blog of mine into this post for legal purposes of copyright and ownership. /s/ Gloria Poole,single-again, twice divorced, white Southern Baptist Christian woman who happens to be a Registered Nurse, artist in all #artist mediums, photographer, writer, author, illustrator, cartoonist, prolife blogger, blogger, mother of two grown daughters, grandmother of minor children, who lives in Missouri.

Also thanks to my readers/ viewers in twelve countries. You can follow me on twitter on these accounts of mine: @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; @Tartan_Bliss; @tweetie0817; @ProlifeNurse; and @personhood1. I, Gloria Poole, posted this today Valentine's day 14 Feb 2016 at 11:06 am central time.