Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sketch and photos created by Gloria Poole , RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia on 16 April 2015

This is the sketch I drew with watercolor pencils, then washed over it with a brush and water, early this morning and I also made two other sketches which I put on my; and also on my This sketch is of a white-tailed deer which is found in Missouri and also in the state of Georgia. Deer eat leaves off the trees so I drew giant leaves to make the background. Also, I am putting 3 photos I photographed early yesterday morning when the first light was changing from pitch black to that surreal blue that is called the purkinje shift, and it happens early am and late evening as the atmosphere changes when the sun goes down.

Below are three photos I photographed on 15 April 2015, and 2 of them were with my telephoto lens which was the first time I actually used that! I have had it since I bought my digital camera years ago, but I didn't really have much need for it. But I thought i might as well learn how to use it so I practiced with it some.

Purkingje shift at first light photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri on 15 April 2015.

Telephoto lens photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri on 15 April 2015 of the cell phone tower in distance a bit from me [which was why I used my telephoto lens].

Telephoto lens photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri of flowers that look like bright red trumpets .

MY selfie in spring 2014 but I look the same except thinner and my hair is longer. I am still unmarried [well, divorced twice] and still white!

This is the photo I photographed of flag as I walked about early am yesterday to photograph. I post U S flag intermittently to remind all that I am U S citizen born in state of Georgia with all Constitutional guarantees including the first amendment.

This is a christian cross necklace of mine to remind all I am a born again, Southern Baptist Christian and believe in THE LIVING LORD JESUS as my SAVIOUR and REDEEMER.

MY copyright notice for my cameras.

My copyright notice for all content on this blog, and every blog that I own and create.

Copyright notice: This blog and all content, all words, all photos and all art on it were created and posted by me Gloria Poole , RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia. Usually I sign the art I create as simply Gloria since that is my first name I was born with; but on pencil drawings I often also sign my born with surname of Poole. I am also known on the web and in real life as Gloria Poole; Gloria J Poole; Gloria Poole, RN, artist; and on the web as : gloriapoole; gloria-poole; gloria.poole; Ms Gloria Poole; gloriapoole.RN; gloriapoole_RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloria0817; gpoole817; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; artist-gloria; Poole,Gloria; gloriapoole1749; and other variations of my real, born with, and legal name of Gloria Poole. For the record, I am a white, twice divorced Christian woman and the mother of two grown daughters who are named Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a prolife activist, blogger, artist in all mediums; photographer for my own purposes, Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri but before that for most of my life in the state of Georgia, U.S. citizen born in the state of Georgia; University of Georgia alum, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing alum, writer, illustrator, author. This blog may not be downloaded, nor copied individually or collectively as a whole; nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor may the photos or art on it be reproduced or saved to disk by anyone . I create all content on this blog and I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to this blog collectively and individually as single posts. The telephones listed on this account belong to me and are in my apartment in Missouri or in my possession at all times. Some of my numbers are wired, landline telephones and some are mobile phones. This blog and all blogs that I create and that contain my words and or art and or photos that I create belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole,[RN, artist; blogger, photographer, writer, author] of Missouri and Georgia. Copyright. Gloria Poole /gloriapoole /gloria-poole /gloria.poole/ Ms Gloria Poole/ Poole Gloria at my own private apt in Missouri with studio which is not shared with anyone and neither is my equipment nor phones shared with anyone, and nether is my isp account shared with anyone. Gloria Poole, RN, artist, on 16 April 2015 at 4:16pm.