Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Violinist sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri and Georgia,am adding to this blog of mine, 2 sketches I drew, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded of a woman violinist. I drew the earlier sketch [the sketch of woman in hat] in 2013, but planned to repaint it in acrylics since I didn't like the watercolor effect on it. So far, I haven't repainted that sketch so you can see it in watercolor [one with hat]. The sketch in blue dress is one I created yesterday, deciding a violinist wouldn't wear a hat for practical reasons. Playing a violin is vigorous movement of upper body, arms, neck head and a hat would fall off! So this continues my attempt to paint people playing musical instruments. You can see more examples of my attempts to do that on other blogs of mine at:;;;; [and possibly any blog of mine because I scatter art I create on several blogs. Copyright Notice: I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri but born in state of Georgia, own this blog and all rights to it, all content on it and all words, art, photos of it. I have the art in tangible form. See full copyright notice on the about me page [tab at top of page] of this blog and on, which is my official blog for Tapestry of LIFE.

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Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri, which is not shared; 23-April-2014 at 7:40am