Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring is here in Missouri, photos by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

I went to Southern Baptist Church here in Missouri this morning and sang along with them the praise and worship songs,abut the risen JESUS who is alive forevermore in heaven. So, it's like-minded people lifting their voices in praise and harmony to glorify GOD.

Then I had Easter lunch with some of my family. I took some photos of the budding trees along the way and may add them later. I admit my "church" is usually in my own apartment reading the Bible and praying and playing worship music, and is more often a daily event instead of once/ week. I get very uncomfortable standing for long because I have a ton of metal in one leg and through the ankle joint, but also feel uncomfortable sitting while everyone else is standing. So, I stand and sing for as long as I can tolerate it, then sit down for while, then stand again, then sit down again. I understand totally why some people become recluses after trauma that made them feel 'damaged" and conspicuous if every move is wobbly. This morning I wore a great wide brim hat with a flower-decorative ribbon thing on it, hoping people would notice that more than my wobbly gait.

Here's three selfies of me Gloria Poole born in state of Georgia but residing in Missouri since Oct 31, 2009, in Easter hat and dressed up a bit. I am putting three selfies here of me wearing Easter hat precisely because a criminal at remote location told a lot of people that I [the same woman who was wearing a winter hat in Jan 2010 in Georgia] had died. These selfies of me are series I photographed this morning while dressed up a bit for Easter, and with eye make-up on, and lipstick and my hair in a pony tail so hat would stay on better.

Anyway, I have not drawn many sketches in past 2 days, except a cartoon for my 3 year old grandson and 1 year old granddaughter. I have other grandchildren too, but they are also minors and live in another state. So, when I have more art created, I will post some of it to my blogs.

But here are two photos I photographed this morning with my big digital camera that adjusts for wobble. It's a crepe myrtle tree with buds/blooming :

Until then, happy Easter: JESUS is risen and that means that GOD is alive in heaven and those who believe and accept HIM as Saviour, Messiah, Redeemer will join HIM in heaven some day, when they leave the physical realm on earth.

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Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 20-April-2014 at 3:38pm.Updated by me Gloria at 6:33pm. with 4 photos I photographed